Navman Dash Cams


  • Navman MiVUE630 Dashcam


    This entry model dashcam reliably captures accidents with 1080p High Definition camera, G-shock sensor to record the direction and speed of impact, and GPS Tracker to lock in the coordinates of exactly where an incident occurred.
  • Navman MiVUE660 Dashcam


    The MiVUE 660 captures 1080P High Definition video of an accident, road rage or scenic route with its wide angle lens.The GPS tracking will ensure accurate location and speed information whilst in the event of a collision the G - Shock sensor will show the direction of the impact hitting your car.
  • Navman MiVUE680 Dashcam


    The MiVUE680 dashcam is packed with features and also has Navman’s highest quality video recording feature, 2K High Definition 1296p. Ultra-clear dashcam footage will provide better evidence for car insurance claims if you are involved in an accident.
  • Navman MiVUE690 SAFE Dashcam

    MiVUE690 SAFE

    The MiVUE690 SAFE helps keep you and your dashcam footage safe, with a 2K High Definition 1296p camera and a dual SD card slot, along with ADAS safety features that look out for you like Lane Departure*, Front Collision** and Front Departure alerts.
  • Navman MiVUE698 Dual Camera Dashcam

    MiVUE698 Dual Camera

    This exceptional device is the only MiVUE dash cam that has dual cameras to capture High quality video footage of what’s in front and behind your car at the same time. It also includes all the top notch features found throughout the MiVUE range.
  • Navman MiVUE DRIVE FHD Combined GPS and Dashcam


    With Navman dash cams more popular than ever, it makes sense to combine them with a GPS packed full of solid navigation features. The MiVUEDRIVE FHD comes with a Full High Definition 1080p camera to better capture accidents or even your scenic route.


    The complete all-rounder for weekend adventures and everyday drives. This combo GPS and dash cam has 4WD routes, Large Vehicle Routing, Super 2K Full HD dash cam with adjustable lens, Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Zomato Restaurant Guide and all the best GPS features including Live Traffic.