Warranty Period

The warranty period begins from the date of purchase and it is important that you retain your receipt as proof of purchase and for warranty repairs.

The warranty period is two years for the products listed below:
All MY series
All MiVue™ DRIVE series:
Selected MiVue™ DDR Dash cams

The warranty period is one year for the products listed below:
All MOVE series
All EZY series
Selected MiVue™ DDR Dash cams

A one year warranty also extends to accessories sold through the online store (excluding maps, B-grade stock and Trade-ins)

The following information is intended only to explain your rights under the Warranty, not any rights you might have at law, including any rights and remedies available under the Australian Consumer Law and / or the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Under consumer law, do you have rights additional to those under the Warranty?

Who gives the warranty, and who benefits from it?

What does the Warranty apply to?

What is the period of the Warranty?

What does Navman warrant?

What does Navman offer, if the Product does not conform with the Warranty?

What is not covered by the Warranty?

What can void the warranty?

Does Navman limit or exclude liability under the Warranty?

If your Product does not conform with the Warranty, how do you access the Warranty Service?

Who pays for shipping costs and who is at risk, if the Product is lost or damaged in transit or during repair under the Warranty?

What laws apply to the Warranty?

What happens to personal information you give us to provide the Warranty Service?

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