MiVue™ M820D

MiVue™ M820D

  • 2 Channel Full HD 1080P 60 FPS Recording Front and Rear
    2 Channel Full HD 1080P 60 FPS Recording Front and Rear
  • Optimised Day/Night Recording & Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensor
    Optimised Day/Night Recording & Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensor
  • Premium Safety Alerts
    Premium Safety Alerts
  • Smart and Low Power Parking Modes with Front & Rear Motion Detection
    Smart and Low Power Parking Modes with Front & Rear Motion Detection
  • GPX Route Export & Share
    GPX Route Export & Share
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MiVue™ M820D

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Too often motorcyclists are blamed for road accidents. This can change. The MiVue™ M820D provides unequivocal proof of what happened with clear Full HD footage shot in Super MP4 which saves files every two seconds, reducing any chance of corruption. It has premium STARVIS™ sensors front and rear capturing amazing detail in low light, superb contrast and rich colours, and with its built-in GPS and 3-Axis G-Sensor footage is tagged with precise location, along with direction of impact and speed. For the first time our industry-leading features can be found in a motorbike camera, including parking mode: the MiVue™ M820D with front and rear motion detection, any movement around or knock to the motorbike will trigger a recording. There are also premium safety camera audible alerts included with fixed speed and safety cameras and school zones, which can be updated via the MiVue™ Pro app as often as every month, to help you be more alert and a safer rider. Easy to install, the device is suitable for a wide range of types of motorbikes with front and rear cameras IP67 weatherproof rated, each with a 140-degree field of view. The MiVue™ M820D can support up to 256GB microSD card and uses more efficient H.265 HEVC video compression to capture and store more footage for longer. Best of all, it also lets you capture and save your best rides and share GPX route file with your fellow riders.


    • 2 Channel Full HD 1080P 60 FPS Recording Front and Rear

      Recording your front and back view at 1080P 60FPS Full HD simultaneously on H.265 (HEVC) compression so you can record and save more.
    • Super MP4 Recording

      The video is written to the SD card every 2 seconds minimising any chance of corruption, improving file playback and reliability, thus every video can be safely stored on SD card. File playback is compatible on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices.
    • Smart and Low Power Parking Modes with Front & Rear Motion Detection

      When used with the included MiVue™ wiring accessory, the smart front and rear motion and shock detection technology activates smart parking mode automatically and will start recording if your motorcycle is hit while parked. When used in low power parking mode, you can be protected for longer as the MiVue™ is in standby mode and wakes up when shock is detected.* With smart voltage and timer monitoring, it will automatically shut down the MiVue™ once the threshold is reached.
    • Premium Safety Alerts

      With added safety alerts including timed school zones, known accident blackspots, railway crossing, and speed zone changes on motorways, the MiVue™ will help you be safer on the road.
    • Optimised Day/Night Recording & Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensor

      HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides automatic optical adjustment with enhanced video quality to capture a wide range of details in challenging lighting (dark or bright) conditions. Combined with the Premium STARVIS™ high quality low light sensor for the rear camera, it provides optimal vision and superior recording especially in low light conditions.
    • Micro SD Card Memory Expansion up to 256GB

      Navman Dash Cameras are compatible with Class 10 UHS 1 to UHS 3 microSD cards up to 256GB. We recommend cards from the endurance range as they are specifically designed and built for high intensity recording devices such as Dash Cameras. For more information on recommended and compatible MicroSD Card, please visit here.
    • Memory Management Tool

      Videos and images are grouped in different folders for easy access.
    • IP67 Weaterproof

      For added peace of mind, all components of the MiVue™ including main device, control box, cameras and cables are IP67 weatherproof‡ to ensure all video footage can be captured regardless of any weather condition you may encounter during your ride.
    • GPX Route Export & Share

      With GPX route export & share, you can download your memorable rides and export as a GPX route file to share with your fellow riders.
    • GPS Tagged Video
      Record your position wherever you go. The built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver automatically records your driving information including location, direction and speed.
    • Event Recording Mode
      When the MiVue™ detects sudden changes in motion or an impact, the device instantly saves a protected video of the event for future analysis.
    • Battery Voltage Monitoring
      With the MiVue™ Pro companion app, you can monitor your motorcycle’s battery voltage levels to ensure it is safe to start and won’t leave you stranded.
    • 3-Axis G-Sensor
      The 3-Axis G-Sensor, in the event of a collision shows the direction the impact came from, providing more information on how an impact happened.
    • Trip Lapse Recording
      Condense a long ride or parking mode recordings into a few minutes for easy sharing to family and friends, or to your insurance.



Field of View: 137° Front & Rear
Product Dimensions: 23.6mm x 66mm x 64mm (Main Device) / 37mm x 28.6mm (Camera) / 57mm x 26mm x 18mm (Controller)
Product Weight: 80g (Main Device) / 52g (Camera) / 100g (Controller)
Image Sensor: Premium STARVIS™ 2 Megapixel
Memory Expansion: Class 10/UHS-1/UHS-3 MicroSD up to 256GB


2 Years

Package Contents

MiVue™ M820D Main Box
GPS/Mic Control Box
Front & Rear Cameras
1.8M Extension Cable
64GB Endurance microSD
12V Power Cable
3M Velcro Tape
Cable Ties


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