Award-winning Navman launches its best-ever dash cam MiVue™ Pro 4K and Pro 4K DC now on sale.

Navman, winner of the latest Canstar Blue independent award for dash cams, has just released what it believes is its best dash cam ever. The Australian company has brought together industry-leading features, and designed, built and tested a dash cam that offers everything the discerning driver could want – the MiVue™ Pro 4K and MiVue™ Pro 4K DC (dual camera).

As the name suggests, the front camera of the MiVue™ Pro 4K records in true 4K, that is 3840 x 2160P at 30 frames per second (fps), but this is just where things start. It has a very large 1/1.8” low light sensor which at 8MP pulls in a greater amount light and allows greater clarity even in dark situations. Footage is brilliantly clear making details like number plates and street signs easy to read, and it is GPS tagged with precise coordinates of any accident site, along with details of the direction of impact thanks to the built-in 3-Axis G-Sensor.

Even the rear camera on the MiVue™ Pro 4K DC has a superb premium STARVIS sensor and a field of vision of 135 degrees, and records at 30fps in 2560 x 1440P or 2.5K.

The MiVue™ Pro 4K and MiVue™ Pro 4K DC can be operated by voice command, so hard saving any recording no longer needs to be triggered via touching a button, drivers simply verbally tell the device to start recording.

Drivers of older cars wanting to update their technology will find the inclusion of ADAS warnings incredibly useful. Both come with front collision warnings (found on newer model cars), along with stop and go warnings (FDWS) in the event the vehicle in front has taken off to alert you if you’re stationary; lane departure warning system (LDWS), and the MiVue™ Pro 4K DC also has rear collision warnings (RCW) which will alert if someone is following too close behind.

There are also safety camera alerts which drivers can update monthly over the air, and these include school zones, railways crossings, speed, and other useful warnings.

And you can protect your vehicle even further with the addition of a SmartBox (RRP $79 plus installation). This acts as a continuous power source and enables the dash cam’s parking mode to work even when the engine is switched off. This means you can leave your vehicle parked, safe in the knowledge that if someone knocks it and drives off, recording is activated via smart motion detection and your MiVue™ Pro 4K will capture the culprit.

There is a 2.7” LCD screen on the front camera so you can review footage on the screen but also offers faster file download with high speed WIFI via EZYSHARE instantly on the MiVue™ Pro App which also allow you to download and share footage instantly from an accident site making things very easy.

MiVue™ Pro 4K         RRP $369

MiVue™ Pro 4K DC    RRP $529


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