Scam Warning from Navman

Navman Customers

We have been made aware of a SCAM website operating that is offering Navman map updates who are infiltrating the users computer with Malware and asking for a fee to remove it. When searching for Navman services be sure it is hosted by the or websites before proceeding and if you are unsure contact our customer service team for confirmation.

The SCAM site have attempted to mimic the Navman website but as you can see below there are key differences that are noticeable. If you do think you may have been scammed please find below some troubleshooting;



The best to ensure you are using the correct website, is to look for the green padlock AND our company name MiTAC Australia Pty Ltd (AU) this is verified by the ATO and business registration, as well as publicly listed contact numbers for the company. This info can be found here.

The green padlock and name looks like this:  and is the same for both AU and NZ. If you click on a Navman padlock, you can “view certificate” (in all web browsers) and it will show that it is registered to MiTAC International, as below.

The scammers are using a 1800 number that ends in “687” the only 1800 number used by Navman is 1800 NAVMAN (628 626) and 0800 466 286 for New Zealand. The only number Navman call from, is 02 9879 9000.

Navman do not have Live Chat capabilities on our website. If you have used ANY  “Navman” website which offers live chat, the following action should be taken.

  1. If you have shared no details, run a virus scan
  2. If you have shared contact details, and given them remote access, shut down the computer immediately and take to a reputable PC repair centre for investigation to ensure they are secure. Until this is done, leave the computer shut down with power disconnected/battery removed (if it’s a laptop)
  3. If you have paid them anything, contact your bank immediately, and report it as a fraudulent transaction. This can be done in person, or over the phone, but should be done as soon as possible.
  4. Report the scam to scamwatch here: and provide as much information as possible.

Navman will endeavour to contact host providers to report them, and also lodge scamwatch reports.



Navman Customer Service Team