Quarterly Map Update Key
  • Quarterly Map Update Key
Quarterly Map Update Key
Product Number: 5651N3930284

Get a Quarterly Maps Subscription for your Navman by purchasing an unlock key. This one-off activation key will enable you to update the maps on your Navman GPS device up to four times a year allowing you to receive free map updates for as long as the device has sufficient memory and capabilities to house the most current map or traffic information or until Navman’s data suppliers for map and traffic information is unable to provide updates whichever is shorter.

  • Receive up to four map updates per year

  • Includes both Australian and New Zealand maps

  • One-time payment activates Quarterly Maps Subscription updates

RRP $129.00

Compatibility List

  • EZY100T

  • EZY200

  • MOVE30

  • MOVE50

  • MOVE55