MYTRUCK III Big in features
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  • Navman MY TRUCK III Speciality GPS Side View
MYTRUCK III Big in features
  • Truck Mode
    Truck Mode
  • Premium Driver Alerts
    Premium Driver Alerts
  • Landmark Guidance PLUS
    Landmark Guidance PLUS
  • Trip Planner
    Trip Planner
  • Driver Fatigue Alerts
    Driver Fatigue Alerts
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The Navman MYTRUCK III has been developed in conjunction with professional truck drivers, to deliver a GPS that meets truck drivers’ needs. It has vital information for driving a truck like B-Double Heavy Vehicle Routing, HAZMAT, Sharp Ascend and Sharp Descend alerts and Weigh Station alerts. It also has the best GPS features to make life on the road better, including truck friendly rest stops and food stops.
RRP $449.00
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Developed in conjunction with professional truck drivers in mind

You have enough to do when you drive a truck, so let Navman’s MYTRUCK III take out the hard yards when it comes to navigating the best route. The Navman MYTRUCK III was developed with professional truck drivers so the result is a GPS that meets truck drivers’ needs on the road. This includes Australian B-Double Heavy Vehicle Routing to help you avoid roads with weight restrictions, HAZMAT (hazard materials) restrictions, narrow bridges or low tunnels; letting you know when a Weigh Station is coming up; plenty of advance notice before Speed and Red light Camera Alerts; and warnings for winding roads, hairpin turns or sharp ascend and sharp descend so you can ensure your load is secure in advance. The MYTRUCK III is packed with useful features like the ability to pair your phone via Bluetooth to your GPS so you can talk hands free, as well as details on truck friendly rest stops and information on where to eat with the Zomato Restaurant Guide listing over 40,000 restaurants and food venues in cities and towns around Australia.


  • Truck Mode
    Truck Mode
    Avoid low bridges, narrow roads, weight restricted streets and high wind areas. And be directed to weighing stations and truck stops via B-double routes.
  • Premium Driver Alerts
    Premium Driver Alerts
    Gives you advanced warnings when there is a change in the road ahead. For example: merging and overtaking lanes, hairpin bends, road narrowing, high wind zones, steep hills and more, so you can slow down and be extra careful.
  • Landmark Guidance PLUS
    Landmark Guidance PLUS
    Easy voice directions using local landmarks and geography: “Over the hill, turn left at the blue building into Smith Street”. 3D Landmarks also available.
  • Trip Planner
    Trip Planner
    Combines several destinations in one convenient route, saving time and fuel.
  • Driver Fatigue Alerts
    Driver Fatigue Alerts
    Warns you when you have been driving for too long to keep you safe on the road.
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guides
    Lonely Planet Travel Guides
    Advice from the experts about Australia’s best destinations, how to get there and what to see.
  • Trip Select
    Trip Select
    You choose the route – before you press “go”, the Navman will show you an overview of suggested routes, with a choice of shortest, fastest or easiest, whichever you prefer.
  • Bluetooth® Handsfree
    Bluetooth® Handsfree
    Stay in touch on-the-go. Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity turns your Navman into a handsfree car kit so you can safely make and receive calls via a compatible Bluetooth® mobile phone.
  • FREE Live Traffic Updates
    FREE Live Traffic Updates
    With these real-time traffic updates (sourced from road cameras and national authorities) you will know if your planned route is affected by traffic congestion or an accident, the Navman will automatically calculate your new estimated arrival time, and can find an alternative route for you. Click here for more info.
  • Monthly Map Updates
    Fully verified monthly map updates including updates to safety alerts, so you will always have the freshest maps on the market. Click here for more info.
  • 3D Landmarks
    3D Landmarks are highly detailed images of well-known buildings to help orientate you on the map and keep you moving in the right direction without stress or confusion.
  • Roadside Assist
    Roadside Assist pinpoints your location and can store your emergency contacts or roadside assist number, so it’s easy to call for help and let them know where they can find you. If your phone is connected via Bluetooth, you can call through your Navman.
  • Voice Destination Entry
    Keep your hands on the wheel and use voice commands such as home, nearby food, ATM or simply say your address. You can even adjust the volume and screen brightness.
  • AV-IN
    Connect your reversing camera (optional extra) via AV-IN socket keeping people around you safe.
  • Spoken Safety Alerts
    Our friendly voice lets you know when you’re approaching areas where you need to take extra care, like speed and red light cameras, accident blackspots, railway crossings and school zones.
  • Speed Limit Alerts
    Displays on the screen the actual speed limit for the road you’re travelling on.
  • Zomato Restaurant Guide
    Find and be guided to restaurants and cafes. Read reviews before you go.
  • 3D Junction View with Real Signage
    At some major intersections, your screen will switch to a realistic 3D display of the junction you're approaching and feature overhead street signage and arrows to point you in the right direction.
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
    Advises the best lane to be in for an upcoming turn off or junction.
  • Smart Find™ Keyword Search
    Don’t know an address? Just type in words like ‘swimming pool’ or ‘Bill’s Café’ to find the destination.
  • Landmark Guidance
    This feature uses local landmarks to provide directions. For example, “in 200 metres, turn right at the petrol station into Smith Street” so you can look out for the landmark and know exactly when to turn.
  • Fuel Type Search
    Use Smart Find keyword search to enter in your specific fuel type.
  • Digital Logbook
    Download a spreadsheet of kilometres travelled. Ideal for expense reporting or learner drivers.
  • Smart Route™
    Based on historical traffic data shows the best routes to take whatever the time of day.
  • 2 Year Warranty
    We're so confident of the quality and reliability of the product that everything contained in the box is covered by a 2-year Navman warranty.
  • Spoken Street Names
    Detailed voice guidance with spoken street names.
  • Premium Language Support
    Enjoy clearly spoken directions, linked to spoken street names in a choice of pre-loaded languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German, Greek and more.
  • Australia & New Zealand Map Coverage
    Travel easily on both sides of the Tasman with built-in maps for both countries.
  • Shortcut Buttons
    Closest parking, petrol, food or ATMs at the touch of a button.


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Screen : 6" LCD Touchscreen

Product Dimensions : 17.3cm x 10.1cm x 1.7cm

Processor : 800Mhz

Internal Memory : 4GB


2 Years

In The Box

In The Box Image

Package Contents

Windshield Mount
Vehicle Power Adapter
Mini USB Cable
AV-IN Cable
Quickstart Guide and Documentation


  • Heavy Duty Windscreen Mount for Larger Devices

    Heavy Duty Windscreen Mount for Larger Devices

    Secure your Navman safely with this easy-to-use Heavy Duty Long Reach Windscreen Mount.
    RRP $69.00
  • USB Cable

    USB Cable

    Connect your Navman GPS to your PC to access a large range of features on NavDesk, as well as download new mapping and additional downloadable products to your device or view the MiVUE Manager to access and save your recorded videos, view important information such as GPS location, speed and G-Sensor readings.
    RRP $15.00
  • Vehicle Power Adapter for 6

    Vehicle Power Adapter for 6" device

    Revitalise your Navman's power when on-the-move with the Genuine Navman vehicle power adapter . Compatible with the DRIVE DUO SUV, EZY360LMT, MY660LMT, MY ESCAPE IV, MY TRUCK III and MiVUE DRIVE FHD.
    RRP $34.95
  • AV-In Cable 2.5mm

    AV-In Cable 2.5mm

    This AV-In Cable allows you to connect an external video device like a Rear Reversing Camera to your Navman
    RRP $15.00

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