MiVue™ Vehicle Power Adapter 5V/2A - USB-C

MiVue™ Vehicle Power Adapter 5V/2A - USB-C

This vehicle power adapter with USB-C cable simply plugs into the cigarette lighter to deliver optimum power to your MiVue™ DDR whilst driving. Rating: 5V/2A
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Compatibility List

  • AUTO220 GPS

  • AUTO570 DUAL

  • MiVue™110

  • MiVue™150 SAFETY

  • MiVue™155 SAFETY

  • MiVue™160 GPS TAG

  • MiVue™170 Safety

  • MiVue™610 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™620 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™870 Safety

  • MiVue™890 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™920 Dual Camera

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