Free Live Traffic Updates


Free Live Traffic Updates

Get Live Traffic Updates with eligible models so you know what lies ahead.


Selected Navman car GPS units come with Live Traffic Updates  for the life of the unit*.

You Navman GPS unit has a Traffic / TMC receiver. You can receive live traffic information via the supplied vehicle power adapter which served as an antenna.

Live Traffic Updates allows you to receive traffic incidents and updates to your device on route and around you, ensuring you always have the latest traffic information at your fingertips.

Simply connect the eligible device with the supplied vehicle power adapter to enable the Traffic feature for eligible devices.


* Navman's "Live Traffic Updates" entitles you to receive Live Traffic updates via “SUNA Traffic” or “HERE Traffic” when and as such RDS transmission are made available from these suppliers. It is only applicable for specific compatible Navman GPS units, until (a) the end of that product's useful life, being the date on which the product is no longer serviceable or supported by Navman, or (b) “SUNA Traffic” or “HERE Traffic” no longer transmit RDS Live Traffic updates, whichever is shorter. Updates are not transferable to other Navman products or alternative products. Live traffic updates received are applicable to the same geographic map data originally included with your Navman GPS unit when originally purchased, i.e. limited to AUSTRALIA and or NEW ZEALAND only. You must connect with the vehicle power adapter supplied with the eligible Navman GPS unit to receive Live Traffic Updates.

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