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The secret language of truck drivers

Did you know despite the wonderful world of social media, long haul truck drivers still use Citizen Band (CB radio) or UHF to talk to one another on the road?  It’s because unlike mobile phones, there is always coverage wherever they are in the country (much like Navman) and it’s their own private channel with its own private language.

Of course truckies are not the only people listening into these channels, tradies use it to communicate with one another and other people driving around remote areas of Australia including those in caravans or camper vans love to listen in.  It’s a great way to know what’s going on especially when you are out of range.

If you’re heading out on a big trip or just curious, tune in and you’ll discover a new world on the roads, and a whole lot of new lingo.  While developing Navman’s specialist truck GPS devices in conjunction with our truck driver friends, we got the low down on some common terms.  Here are a few fun ones to get you started:


Candy coop/ candy car/ disco tin  - highway patrol police car usually with high-visibility police decals.

Chicken coop – weigh station.

Chicken truck – a rig with lots of lights, chrome, and cool accessories.

Barbie is cold - a weighing bridge that is shut.

Disco whistle - police car siren.

Flash for cash - speed camera.

Hairdryer - stationary highway patrol with radar set up.

Plain wrapper  - an unmarked police car.

Evil Knievel – a cop on a bike.

Evil Knievel playing laser tag - cop on a bike with a radar.

Barbecue hot – when someone has been pulled over (usually a warning truck drivers give way to others driving behind).


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