Trade in your old GPS or Dash Cam unit to receive 30% off RRP with a new Navman GPS or Dash Cam unit.

The trade in offer allows customers with outdated technology to trade their unit in to the latest in GPS technology with the latest maps and new warranty for a discounted price

This is a Navman Online offer ONLY and cannot be redeemed in a retail store.

For pricing and how to take up this offer please press learn more below 

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    Trade-In price
  • MiVue™150 SAFETY
  • MiVue™830 Dual Camera
  • MiVue™1100 Sensor XL Dual Camera
  • MiCam GPS
  • MiCam Explore
  • MiCam Truck
How do I take up this offer?
  • Step 1 – Press “redeem offer” and enter your email and details of the device you wish to trade in
  • Step 2 – check your email for the trade in coupon
  • Step 3 – Press “learn more” on the device you wish to purchase
  • Step 4 – Press “add to cart”
  • Step 5 – Enter your trade in coupon into the “promo code” field and press apply
  • Step 6 – Press “proceed to check out” and complete your purchase
  • Step 7 – Please check your email for your invoice and instructions on where to send your old Navman device (we only need the head unit, we don’t need the accessories)


By accepting this offer, you agree to and acknowledge the terms and conditions of this Consent and Waiver and expressly, affirmatively, and irrevocably (i) consent to the Terms of this Trade In Offer posted on Navman website, (ii) commit not to publicise, disseminate or disclose in any way through or on any social media or press on a topic related to Navman lifetime map updates etc. on all platforms; and (iii) waive any and all of your rights and remedies for any damages, losses, demands, notice, and all other claims arising out of, related to, or in connection with lifetime map updates etc. against MiTAC Australia Pty Ltd. and/or its parent, subsidiaries and affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents under the applicable laws, including, without limitation of the Australian Consumer Law.

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  1. MiVue™1200 Sensor XL Dual Camera

    MiVue™1200 Sensor XL Dual Camera

    It is eyes completely wide open with the MiVue™1200 Sensor XL DC. Its super large sensor pulls in more light, delivering the clearest vision and more definition than ever before on the front camera, while the rear camera has a Premium STARVIS™ Sensor. This sophisticated dash cam records in Full HD 1080P on two channels, and footage can be instantly shared over WIFI with the EZYSHARE app.
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  2. MiVue™900 Dual Camera

    MiVue™900 Dual Camera

    With many collisions happening nose to tail, it makes sense to install a dual camera dash cam, and the MiVue™900 DC fits the bill perfectly. With two cameras front and rear, both recording in Full HD 1080P at 30 frames per second, and a Premium STARVIS™ Ultra Low Light Sensor in the front camera, you’ll be covered with the proof you need in the event of an accident AND all the premium safety alerts, including speed and red-light cameras, school zones and accident black spots you can update monthly for free.
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  3. MiVue™770 Safety

    MiVue™770 Safety

    Feel confident and in control on the road at all times with this small but perfectly formed dash cam. Safety alerts including speed and red-light cameras, school zones and accident black spots can be updated free every month. Footage is crisply captured in Full HD 1080P and tagged with all the details you (and your insurer) may need about location, speed and direction of impact. Easily upload and share footage via WIFI.
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  4. MiVue™150 SAFETY

    MiVue™150 SAFETY


    Drive more than the average person? If you’re a taxi, Uber or delivery driver or even someone who has a longish commute, the MiVue™150 SAFETY may be the best dashcam for you. Built and tested for Australian and NZ drivers, this tidy dash cam records in Full HD 1080P and includes a ton of safety features like safety camera alerts, fatigue alerts, and reminders to turn on headlights if you’ve just left a carpark.

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  5. MiVue™830 Dual Camera

    MiVue™830 Dual Camera

    Two cameras – front and back and each one records in Full HD 1080P with Premium STARVIS™ Ultra Low Light Sensor for every light condition. Event recording means every change in movement or impact is instantly recorded and saved. The device also comes with free monthly safety camera alerts, as well as a 3-Axis G-sensor and GPS tagging for precision information about the impact. Parking mode available*.
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  6. MiVue™1100 Sensor XL Dual Camera

    MiVue™1100 Sensor XL Dual Camera

    With the superb features of the MiVue™1000 Sensor XL, the MiVue™1100 Sensor XL DC records on two channels in Full HD 1080P, with a Premium STARVIS™ Sensor in the rear. The camera is equipped to capture exceptional footage in any lighting condition front and back. Easily share your footage by EZYHARE Instantly via WIFI, or store it on the included 32GB endurance microSD card.
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  7. MiCam GPS

    MiCam GPS


    MiCam GPS is a dash camera, a GPS and peace of mind. Bringing the best of dash camera functions, navigation and phone all into one unit, decluttering your dashboard and simplifying your drive. For the first time this is a dash camera that is giving you all the information you need when you need it - receive messages, get verbal and visual navigation, as well as avoid traffic, marked speed limit alerts, red light cameras and school zones for the road you’re travelling on.

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  8. MiCam Explore

    MiCam Explore


    Genuinely the best dash cam and GPS device for drivers who love to get out and Explore. With its 7” capacitive screen and Premium STARVIS™ Sensor, captures great detailed dash cam footage with Full HD 1080P Recording. Large Vehicle Mode makes towing a caravan, boat or carrying a load on your roof racks easy, and with exceptional visual and verbal navigation including off road 4WD tracks, speed, traffic and safety alerts, delivered how you want it. See somewhere you want to go on the map? Just drop a pin, and it will give you the best way to get there.

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  9. MiCam Truck

    MiCam Truck


    Does everything for the modern truck driver except make you a coffee - almost! The MiCam Truck brings exceptional dash cam technology together with great large vehicle navigation including B-double and HAZMAT routing, as well as the ability to make and take phone calls through the device and have messages read out loud to you while you drive. The 7” capacitive pinch and zoom screen shows you all the info you need such as actual speed limit for the road you are on, truck alerts, even the next rest stop.

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