• Bluetooth® Handsfree
    Bluetooth® Handsfree
  • Spoken Safety Alerts
    Spoken Safety Alerts
  • FREE Live Traffic Updates
    FREE Live Traffic Updates
  • Landmark Guidance
    Landmark Guidance
  • Speed Limit Alerts
    Speed Limit Alerts
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Product Number: AA0071460

It’s all in the name! While the EZY460MT is packed with features, it is also super easy to use when you’re searching for a destination, dodging traffic or wanting alerts for speed and safety cameras. And if you are learning to drive or driving for work, it comes with a handy Mileage Reporter. It also comes with Free Maps Included and Live Traffic Alerts.
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  • Free Maps Included
    Free Maps Included
    Updates are included at no additional cost, keeping your Navman up to date with the latest maps. Click here for more info.
  • FREE Live Traffic Updates
    FREE Live Traffic Updates
    With these real-time traffic updates (sourced from road cameras and national authorities) you will know if your planned route is affected by traffic congestion or an accident, the Navman will automatically calculate your new estimated arrival time, and can find an alternative route for you. Click here for more info.
  • Bluetooth® Handsfree
    Bluetooth® Handsfree
    Stay in touch on-the-go. Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity turns your Navman into a hands-free car kit so you can safely make and receive calls via a compatible Bluetooth® mobile phone.
  • Speed Limit Alerts
    Speed Limit Alerts
    Displays on the screen the actual speed limit for the road you’re travelling on.
  • Spoken Safety Alerts
    Spoken Safety Alerts
    Our friendly voice lets you know when you’re approaching areas where you need to take extra care, like speed and red light cameras, accident blackspots, railway crossings and school zones.
  • 3D Junction Views with Real Signage
    3D Junction Views with Real Signage
    At some major intersections, your screen will switch to a realistic 3D display of the junction you're approaching and feature overhead street signage and arrows to point you in the right direction.
  • Spoken Street Names
    Detailed voice guidance with spoken street names.
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
    Advises the best lane to be in for an upcoming turn off or junction.
  • Shortcut Buttons
    Closest parking, petrol, food or ATMs at the touch of a button.
  • Landmark Guidance
    This feature uses local landmarks to provide directions. For example, “in 200 metres, turn right at the petrol station into Smith Street” so you can look out for the landmark and know exactly when to turn.
  • Smart Route™
    Based on historical traffic data shows the best routes to take whatever the time of day.
  • Fuel Type Search
    Use Smart Find keyword search to enter in your specific fuel type.
  • Digital Logbook
    Download a spreadsheet of kilometres travelled. Ideal for expense reporting or learner drivers.
  • Australia & New Zealand Map Coverage
    Travel easily on both sides of the Tasman with built-in maps for both countries.


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Screen : 5" LCD Touchscreen

Product Dimensions : 86mm x 132mm x 14mm

Processor : 664Mhz

Internal Memory : 4GB

Memory Expansion : MicroSD


1 Year

In The Box

In The Box Image

Package Contents

EZY460MT Unit
Windshield mount
Vehicle Power Adapter
Mini USB cable
Quick Start Guide


Available Maps