Navman Car GPS


  • Navman MOVE65 Car GPS


    The MOVE65, is value packed with a 5 inch screen and comes with many features like speed limit alerts, red light and safety camera alerts, Advanced Lane Guidance and 3D Junction Views to ensure you don’t miss that important turn off.
  • Navman MOVE70LM Car GPS


    The Navman MOVE70LM has all the important navigation features to guide you better and keep you safer on the roads, and for an excellent low price. A wide 5-inch screen will display Premium Safety Alerts including Speed Limit Alerts.
  • Navman EZY350LMT Car GPS


    The EZY350LMT GPS is packed full of quality navigation features like Live Traffic Updates to help you avoid traffic snarls, Bluetooth Handsfree making sure your hands are on the wheel and eyes are on the road. Plus Spoken Safety Alerts including School Zones and Redlight Cameras.
  • Navman EZY360LMT Car GPS


    The EZY360LMT is the best valued 6" GPS, packed with quality features like Live Traffic, Bluetooth Handsfree and navigation features like Advanced Lane Guidance and 3D Junction Views so you will never miss an important turn off.
  • Navman MY560LMT Car GPS


    The Navman MY560LMT has enriched guidance features such as Advanced Lane Guidance, Live Traffic, Landmark Guidance, Trip Optimisation, Roadside Assist and Spoken Safety Alerts, all covered with Australia and NZ Lifetime Maps.
  • Navman MY660LMT Car GPS


    If you want the very best, look no further than the Navman MY660LMT. With its large 6” screen, this GPS has been designed for people looking for the ultimate navigation experience and is packed with premium features to make life on the road easier, safer and more convenient.
  • Navman MiVUE DRIVE FHD Combined GPS and Dashcam


    With Navman dash cams more popular than ever, it makes sense to combine them with a GPS packed full of solid navigation features. The MiVUEDRIVE FHD comes with a Full High Definition 1080p camera to better capture accidents or even your scenic route.