Monthly Map Update Key
  • Monthly Map Update Key
Monthly Map Update Key
Product Number: 5651N2750771

This one-off activation key will enable Monthly Map Updates on your device and allow you to receive free monthly, verified map updates for the life of the unit.

  • Receive monthly verified map updates

  • Includes both Australian and New Zealand maps, including Safety Camera Updates

  • One-time payment activates Monthly Map Updates

RRP $149.00

Compatibility List

  • EZY100T

  • EZY200

  • EZY250LM

  • EZY255LMT

  • EZY260LMT

  • EZY270LMT

  • MOVE30

  • MOVE50

  • MOVE55

  • MOVE60LM

  • MY300LMT

  • MY350LMT

  • MY400LMT

  • MY550LMT