• MiVue™ Smartbox
Product Number: 5413N6310017

The SMARTBOX power hard wiring kit connects directly to your car battery to provide continuous power to support the MiVue™ Dash Cam parking mode feature after the engine has been turned off. It prevents your car battery from being completely drained of power when not in use and has an auto shut off feature based on a preset time and when your car battery voltage drops below a certain rating.
The MiVue™ Smartbox can be used on the following models that don’t support the parking mode feature - MiVue™630, MiVue™700, MiVue™710, MiVue™730, MiVue™735, but will still allow the MiVue™ device to continuously record whilst running on the vehicles battery power once the vehicle is powered off up until the preset time/voltage level.
It is recommended that an Auto Electrician fits the MiVue™ SMARTBOX to your vehicle.
RRP $79.00

Compatibility List

  • FOCUS100 FHD

  • FOCUS150 GPS

  • FOCUS400 Dual


  • MiVue™100

  • MiVue™338

  • MiVue™358

  • MiVue™388

  • MiVue™530

  • MiVue™540

  • MiVue™560

  • MiVue™580

  • MiVue™630

  • MiVue™660

  • MiVue™680

  • MiVue™690 SAFE

  • MiVue™698 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™700

  • MiVue™710

  • MiVue™720

  • MiVue™730

  • MiVue™735

  • MiVue™740

  • MiVue™745

  • MiVue™750 WIFI

  • MiVue™755

  • MiVue™760 ULTRA

  • MiVue™765 Safety

  • MiVue™780

  • MiVue™790 WIFI

  • MiVue™800 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™820 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™830 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™840 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™850 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™860 DC TYRE

  • MiVue™1000 Sensor XL

  • MiVue™1100 Sensor XL Dual Camera

  • MiVue™1100 Sensor XL Premium Kit

  • MiVue™ Stealth

  • MiVue™ Stealth Dual Cam

  • MiVue™ Stealth Pro

  • MiVue™ Stealth Pro Dual Cam