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How to put an end to carguments because ‘tis the season to be jolly

Who gets to choose the playlist, or which family member has right to the front passenger seat? Arguments over these issues can ruin the mood in the car or worse your holiday!

With the Christmas break just around the corner, and to help you keep the peace on your road trips, we have compiled a definitive guide to help drivers and passengers stay merry and avoid carguments ruining the holiday spirit. Read carefully.

  1. The radio station or music in the car is ALWAYS driver’s choice. (However, passengers are allowed to request that the driver doesn’t sing along.)
  2. If you’re vying for the front passenger seat with others, the first to say “SHOTGUN” officially wins the place. However, “shotgun” may only be called on the day of the drive and the car must be in full view when the call is made.
  3. If you share a car and you adjust the position of the driver’s seat or mirrors you must at least attempt to readjust them back for your fellow driver.
  4. On any trip, if a passenger asks “Are we there yet?” that person must remain in the car for an extra ten minutes after you arrive at the destination to make their trip just that little bit longer.
  5. All rubbish leaves the car when you do.
  6. Individual passengers control their own windows (and should be kind enough to do so whenever necessary).
  7. Never, EVER change someone’s radio presets no matter how bad you think their music tastes are. If you share a car you get half the presets each, end of story.
  8. If you are ever sick in someone’s car, you accept full responsibility for cleaning, deodorising (and, if necessary, even selling) that person’s car for them.
  9. No chewing gum in the car, EVER!
  10. “Back-seat drivers” will be dropped off two streets before the final destination and required to walk the rest of the way in silence.
  11. Only dogs and sick passengers may stick their heads out the car window at any time.
  12. Conversation topics as per the dinner table i.e. no politics, religion, or discussions about how bad someone’s cooking (or rather driving) might be.


Follow these 12 rules of Christmas car driving and you and your friends and family are sure to find peace on earth (or at least the road to your xmas destination!)