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Good sport?

How did we manage to get our kids to sporting grounds before the days of the GPS?  Seriously, it is difficult enough to get one child dressed in a clean correct uniform on a Saturday morning, let alone find new playing fields in a new suburb.

No one is perfect so the days of having kids unhelpfully screaming “we’re gonna be late, we’re gonna be late” are not gone.  Yes, there are times we leave the house way too late and even choosing the fastest route on the Navman won’t miraculously get us there on time.

When you do time to spare, I like to find the closest and best café for a much-needed caffeine hit.  The café shortcut function on my Navman helps me do this.  A great coffee makes all the difference for most sports – netball, hockey or soccer – but if it’s summer and you’re on cricket duty, much more sustenance may be required, along with a good book or the weekend papers!

Here are a couple of things that really make me wonder during school sports seasons.  Why are so many sports grounds hidden away inside parks, away from the road or even at the end of very convoluted routes? 

Why is it that if you have more than one child, their sporting games are always on different sides of town and scheduled for exactly the same time or (sometimes worse) five hours apart?!

And now here are a couple of great tips to making weekend sports a little more enjoyable:

Why not share the pain of getting to the sports ground by carpooling with one of the other parents? Or if your kids are old enough, take it in turns to be the weekend sports driver (photographer and support crew) – one weekend on, one off.

Take the dog with you so you can walk it while you watch the action outdoors, thereby knocking one more job off the weekend ‘to do’ list.

Use the café shortcut function or Zomato restaurant guide (Navman MYEscape IV, Navman Drive Duo SUV, Navman MY670 GPS,) on your Navman to find a really great café immediately after the match – perfect for filling up hungry children and ticks “making lunch” off that list too.

Tell us your tips for getting through weekend sport without getting stressed and we’ll add them to this story.