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Don’t just take our word for it - what real truck drivers think about the new Big Rig Duo

We released our Big Rig Duo – first GPS and dash cam specially designed for truck drivers – in early May 2018 and we’re thrilled with feedback from two of the first professional truck drivers to use the product.  Note: the reviews are shown in full without changes (other than one or two fixes to spelling).

Driver 1:

“The Navman Big Rig Duo is fantastic. I have always wanted a GPS that was as accurate as this. I have had the old Navman for 5 years and after using this, I could see I was due for an upgrade.  I was using the truck mode and was redirected to all the correct routes, which enabled me to stay on all the right roads that I was allowed to be on legally whilst learning routes I wasn’t even aware of previously.

“I also felt safe using this Navman with the built in dash cam which allowed me to capture day or night traffic which is a welcoming feature to have it built into one handy unit. The internal speaker is a little quiet on its own but once I set it up with my Bluetooth, it worked a charm. It took in all my contacts with ease. Making calls was extremely accurate which is what you would except from full 2k recording. The voice destination worked great as well which made it even more hands free and the live traffic updates were great as well (another added feature I liked). The only time the GPS had a drop out or freeze frame was when I was in the tunnel of the M5 motorway but as soon as I got under a satellite, the GPS had readjusted instantly. Maybe something to add on top of the Zomato restaurant guide might be live activities like a circus or maybe things to do on the weekend. I have recommended this Navman to all our drivers and even a few on the road. I will also be looking into getting one for my wife.

Driver 2:

“The Navman system was a great system to use, completely Truck driver friendly with simple instructions on how to use it. Very easily assembled for use. The professional truck driver mode was effective and accurate to use. As an example, I had a delivery to a 3 tonne limited road, the system would not allow me to use this route and tried to recalculate the route. The driver recorder was clear and concise. Blue tooth was easy to start up and it was easy to put my contacts into the system. The only thing with the Bluetooth was the volume could be louder as some trucks are noisier than others. The set up on maps was very clever, as to give you options of most effective route to fuel efficient. Avoiding tolls and using tolls always a good option. The other functions like explore, food, petrol etc. I have had a Navman prior to the use of this one so these functions were familiar to me. These functions were easily used. Overall the system is a great setup and would be a great addition to any professional truck driver.”

The BIG RIG DUO has an RRP of $549. For more information please visit