USB In-Cabin Camera
USB In-Cabin Camera
Product Number: 5413N6310005

The Navman USB In-Cabin Camera discreetly captures activity within the vehicle for driver safety. It has a wide field of view and impeccable night vision with the Low Light eXmor Sensor and 6 Infrared LEDs to capture the driver and passengers in more detail with footage saved to a microSD card. It has a single cable connecting the USB In-Cabin Camera to the main dash camera for dual 2 channel front and in cabin recording simultaneously. Examples of use would be, ride sharing services, taxi, professional drivers, ambulance, patient transportation, government vehicles, fleet vehicles.
- Dual 2 Channel Recording
- Full HD 1080P Recording
- Low Light eXmor Sensor
- 140ยบ 6 glass Wide angle lens with 6pcs Infrared LED
- Rotating lens
RRP $199.00

Compatibility List

  • MiVUE Stealth

  • MiVUE Stealth Dual Cam

  • MiVUE Stealth Pro

  • MiVUE Stealth Pro Dual Cam