Stealth Mini Mount
  • Stealth Mini Mount
Stealth Mini Mount
Product Number: 5412N6060004

Secure your Navman MiVUE Stealth dash cam with this 3M self-adhesive replacement windscreen mini mount.
Clean the windscreen and ensure it is free from dirt, dust and oils. Position the mount for best optimal position, refer to your MiVUE user manual.
Peel off protective 3M paper and press the adhesive mount firmly against your windscreen for 30 seconds. Leave for 1 hour before installing your MiVUE Stealth dash cam.
This is a replacement mount for the original mount supplied with your MiVUE Stealth. Unscrew and remove the bolt, remove the original mount, slide your MiVUE Stealth onto this mini mount, reinsert bolt and tighten.
RRP $14.95

Compatibility List

  • MiVUE Stealth

  • MiVUE Stealth Dual Cam

  • MiVUE Stealth Pro

  • MiVUE Stealth Pro Dual Cam