Product Number: AA0075001


  • Vehicle Power Adapter - 7 inch units

    Vehicle Power Adapter - 7 inch units

    This vehicle power adapter cable simply plugs into the cigarette lighter to deliver optimum power to your Navman Drive 7 inch device whilst driving.
    RRP $34.95
  • Micro USB Cable

    Micro USB Cable

    Connect your Navman GPS to your PC / Mac for data sync and any internet file transfers.
    RRP $14.95
  • Smart GPS Windscreen Mount

    Smart GPS Windscreen Mount

    Secure your Navman SmartGPS safely with this easy-to-use car cradle. Reduces vibration while driving rough terrain. Simply slide your device down the guided groove and secure it firmly into the mount.
    RRP $24.95
  • Micro USB AC Adaptor

    Micro USB AC Adaptor

    Multi-region AC mains power adaptor for your Navman SmartGPS navigation system allows you to charge your unit whilst at home.
    RRP $39.95