Ultimate gift for dad (if a McLaren is out of question)

Ultimate gift for dad (if a McLaren is out of question)

Your dad has always looked out for you, so this Father’s Day why not keep him safe by looking out for him, and get him a sleek new dash cam? The Navman MiVue™ Pro-T Series that has all the elegance and features of a factory fitted model for half the price. Super high quality, discreet and good looking, it hugs the windscreen and, unlike other high-end models, still comes with the benefits of a screen. If he’s just bought a new car or is looking to buy one there’s no need for him to have a costly dash cam fitted by the dealership why not get him a dash cam that has the same features and more.


With two cameras – the front records at 60 frames per second to capture fast-moving action, while both front and rear record in Full HD 1080P and have Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensors to ensure crisp footage so critical details like numberplates can be seen clearly.


Unlike other high-end dash cameras, the front camera comes with a 2.7” LCD screen (so footage can be reviewed without needing to remove it from the car), plus the added benefit of displaying important safety features and sits on the windscreen with an elegance you expect from a factory fitted device. He won’t notice it’s there, until he needs to.


In the event he’s in an accident, he will have all the evidence he needs to prevent being ripped off by the other party, like precise location, speed, direction and G-Force of impact, which may save him hundreds of dollars in no-claim bonus.


This Father’s Day, Navman is offering the MiVue™ Pro T-Series Dual Cam dash cam for just $599 plus fitting (not included) on its website.  At less than $600, the dash cam is much less than other devices on the market including built-in cameras, while delivering exceptional quality footage and features.


As you may expect with a dash cam of this quality, the MiVue™ Pro-T comes with many premium features including premium safety alerts warning of speed, accident blackspots, school zones and so on, as well as monthly safety camera updates and the ability to upload footage direct from the camera via WIFI using the MiVue™ Pro App.


To snap up this offer, visit www.navman.com.au and use PROTDEAL at checkout between 13/8/21 and 10/09/21.  And if you’re feeling extra generous, add in a MiVue™ Smartbox for $79. This additional piece of tech will enable him to use Smart and Low Power Parking modes, so the dash cam will continue recording even when the car is parked (without draining the battery). If someone runs into his car when he’s not in it, it will trigger instant recording and enable the insurance company to chase them down (if they’re driven off without leaving a note).

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