Navman MY660LMT: Big, better, best

Navman’s new MY660LMT is bigger, faster, better than ever before

Navman’s new MY660LMT is bigger, faster, better than ever before


24 August 2016: Sometimes bigger is better, and more is more. Take the latest Navman MY660LMT for instance - featuring a new large 6 inch screen, Navman has packed every single GPS technology you can think of into one device, that also works faster and better than ever before. Navman’s top of the range GPS has been designed for people looking for the ultimate navigation experience so that life on the road is easier, safer and more convenient.

“Rather than having to pick and choose between features, we wanted to offer drivers all the features that would make driving better in the one device. The latest MY660LMT comes with a 6” Touchscreen that is especially handy for SUVs, and sports an upgraded fast processor, so driving instructions arrive more rapidly than ever before whether it is searching a destination or finding alternative routes. It has the added bonus of Free Lifetime Maps - so you are never caught out with out-of-date maps, instructions or safety alerts. All in all, this sat nav brings the ultimate value to the customer looking for the perfect sat nav device,” says Wendy Hammond, Country Director, Navman Australia.

Navman’s MY660LMT is built around a fast processor, so it ramps up the useful features you’ll find inside the sat nav like Smart Find Keyword Search, information from the inbuilt Zomato Restaurant Guide, and handy tools like Trip Optimisation. The device offers drivers enriched guidance from 3D Landmarks, Advanced Lane Guidance, Live Traffic Updates, Landmark Guidance, and Premium Driver Alerts, Roadside Assist and Spoken Safety Alerts , all covered with Australian and NZ Lifetime Maps.

The Navman MY660LMT comes with a generous two year warranty and will be available at all major electronics retailers from $249 RRP. For more information or a list of retailers visit or




Generous 6” Touchscreen

Larger screen is particularly useful for mounting in SUVs.

Free Lifetime Maps

Receive map updates for the life of the unit so you can have total peace of mind knowing that your GPS is always up to date, and without having to pay for new maps. As well as current maps, Navman map updates also include any updates to safety alerts like speed cameras.

Zomato Restaurant Guide

Rather than fiddling on your phone, you can use the Zomato Restaurant Guide within the device to find a great place to eat, and then simply tap your choice and be directed to it straight away. With  40,000 restaurant listings in Australia across 20 cities and 11,800 restaurant listings in New Zealand across 12 cities, you are not short on choice.

Live Traffic Updates

Avoid traffic delays with free live updates on accidents, roadworks or slow moving traffic conditions every few seconds.

Spoken Safety Alerts

Rather than a chime, the MY660LMT will tell you there is a “combined safety camera ahead” or a “school zone ahead”. It can help you avoid the pain of fines by warning you of school zones, speed and red light cameras and combined cameras.

Premium Driver Alerts

Be warned of any upcoming and risky changing road conditions including merging lanes, known animal crossings, hairpin bends and overtaking lanes.

Trip Optimisation

When you have several places to go to, this feature works out the best route to enable you to arrive at your various destinations in the most efficient way.  

Bluetooth Hands-Free

Using the Bluetooth features, you can keep your eyes on the road and hands off your smartphone.

Roadside Assist

If your car breaks down, the MY660LMT is able to give you the exact GPS coordinates so you can pinpoint your exact location, and enable help to find you easier.

Fuel Type Search

Especially useful when you are running low on fuel - the MY660LMT allows you to search via keyword for petrol stations that carry the type of fuel you need.


About Navman:
Navman, a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of global positioning system (GPS) products, has more than 20 years experience in GPS, and as such is now widely recognised as a pioneer in portable, in-car satellite devices.  Navman began life in New Zealand, specialising in marine electronics and even today software design and development is still undertaken there.  Today the Navman brand is owned by MiTAC International, a leading worldwide maker of wireless


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