Navman MiVUE 630 and 660 dashcams leave nothing to chance

Navman MiVUE 630 and 660 dashcams leave nothing to chance

Premium quality in Navman’s MiVUE range could be the difference between win or lose

14 September 2016: Driving with a dashcam gives you the security of being able to provide accurate, unbiased and detailed evidence should anything go wrong, but not all dashcams are created equal. Premium features such as Full HD Recording, High Quality Glass Lens, G-Shock Sensor, Optimised Day/Night Recording as well as GPS Tracking come standard in Navman’s latest MiVUE. Together all these can paint an accurate picture that may help make the difference in securing a successful insurance claim, or protecting against a fraudulent one.

“Experiencing an accident is traumatic enough. You don’t want the added strain of losing out on rightful compensation, or not being able to defend against a wrongful accusation, because of inadequate evidence recorded on an inferior dashcam. That is why every model in our range come with very high quality features - such as Full HD Recording and High Quality Glass Lenses - that can make the world of difference when it comes proving your case,” said Wendy Hammond, Country Director, Navman Australia.

Dean Lenz, principal of specialist traffic law firm Lenz Legal, agrees and says the more quality details you are able to capture the better if you want to be successful in your claim.

“We’ve seen countless cases where there is not enough evidence to support a claim, but having a good quality dashcam can really help out your case if involved in a collision. You’d be surprised how many times we have seen the smallest details make the biggest difference  when a car accident occurs, and it could all come down to being able to demonstrate the precise spot a car ended up after being hit or having clear footage of debris landing on the road in the middle of the night. If you are going to have to provide evidence you really want to make sure it is clear and solid,” said Mr Lenz.

Navman’s entry level MiVUE 630, was created to enable you to accurately record all the evidence you need to help you show what happened in an accident. With Optimised Day/Night Recording in Full High Definition 1080p quality means that footage is filmed clearly. The G-Shock Sensor records the direction and speed of impact, and the built-in GPS Tracking will give the coordinates of exactly where an incident occurred.  You can see all this on the MiVUE Manager – Navman’s desktop software as well as download footage you may need to send to police or upload to YouTube.

The MiVUE 660 has a larger 2.7“ screen as well as a Photo Mode, which means the device can record time-stamped, geo-coded photographs that can be used as evidence for insurance claims.  Navman stepped up the protection with some new safety features in the MiVUE 660; this dashcam also comes with Headlight Alert to let you know when you need to switch your headlights on in low light areas, as well as Driver Fatigue Alert to warn you if you have been driving for over two hours without a break.

The MiVUE 630 ($159) and MiVUE 660 ($199) are available now at all major electronic retailers and come with one year warranty. For more information or a list of retailers visit or




G-Shock Sensor

The built-in 3-Axis G-Shock Sensor automatically locks the recorded video footage, impact location and date/time in a collision.

GPS Tracking

This will record the direction travelling, location and speed information providing an accurate record of events.

Optimised Day/Night Recording

High Dynamic Range Automatic optical adjustment improves video quality in challenging lighting conditions – when it’s too dark or too bright.

Parking Mode

Built-in motion detection technology protects your car when you’re not in it by instantly recording the moment the dashcam detects a movement in front of the camera or an impact on the car.

Glass and Wide Angle Lens

With high quality glass lenses, the MiVUE dashcams record high quality video imagery in all light conditions. The Wide Angle Lens captures every detail ahead including lanes on either side making it perfect for blind spots too.

Continuous/Event/Manual Recording Mode

When the MiVUE detects sudden changes in motion or an impact, the recorder instantly saves a protected video of the event for future analysis.

Photo Mode

Collect close up still photo evidence of the incident with the MiVUE built-in camera. Your video and still images can all be captured on the one device.

Headlights Alert

This will prompt the driver to switch on headlights at night and in low light areas. 


About Navman:
Navman, a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of global positioning system (GPS) products, has more than 20 years’ experience in GPS, and as such is now widely recognised as a pioneer in portable, in-car satellite devices and dashcams.  Navman began life in New Zealand, specialising in marine electronics and even today software design and development is still undertaken there.  Today the Navman brand is owned by MiTAC International, a leading worldwide maker of wireless communications products
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