Navman EZY350LMT – packed with features and still easy to use

Navman EZY350LMT – packed with features and still easy to use

24 August 2015: New devices often have useful qualities hidden away in a complicated design, but thankfully, this is not so with Navman’s new EZY350LMT.  Every useful feature – and this year Navman packs in even more top notch navigation guidance tools - is easily accessible thanks to a simple and intuitive menu.

“Life’s complicated enough and with the EZY350LMT, we wanted to give customers a straightforward GPS that also has some of the best navigation features to help make life easier for drivers on the roads. For instance, our signature Smart Find lets you type in keywords to search a location even without having the full address. The device can figure out which route to take before you set off whether it be fastest, easiest, economical or shortest. If you by any chance do hit a bit of traffic, well Navman has your back again with Live Traffic Updates which will recalculate your route to avoid congestion,” says Wendy Hammond, Country Director, Navman Australia.

“Safety has always been and continues to be very important for Navman. The device has Spoken Alerts that actually tells you there are school zones, speed and red light cameras ahead rather than simply chime an alert. You are also kept safer with clearer guidance. The EZY350LMT guides you better with features like Landmark Guidance that gives specific markers to, say, “turn right in 200m at the church into Jones Rd”, rather than just turn right in 200m.”

The EZY350LMT has an uncomplicated design that unlocks a world of features to make life easier on the road. These include Bluetooth so you can turn your unit into a handsfree device for your phone, and a Digital Logbook that makes life easier for learner drivers and those using their cars for work.

“The EZY350LMT even has Lifetime Maps, so you always have maps that are up to date. Priced at RRP $179, it is easily one of the best value GPS currently on the market,” said Wendy.

The Navman EZY350LMT device comes with a one year warranty and will be available at all major electronics retailers from $179 RRP.  For more information or a list of retailers visit or


Superior features of Navman’s EZY350LMT device include:

  • Generous 5” touchscreen;
  • Smart Find Keyword Search: So you can search without having the full address – for instance by simply typing in “Westfield Eastgardens”;
  • 3D Junction Views: Provides an image of the intersection or off ramp with arrows to guide you;
  • Bluetooth Handsfree: To help you avoid nasty and expensive fines for using your mobile phone while driving;
  • Live Traffic Updates: Dodge frustrating traffic delays with free live updates on accidents, roadworks or slow moving traffic conditions every few seconds - sourced by SUNA from credible sources around the country. Your ETA is updated accordingly and you can choose to re-route if one is available;
  • Free Lifetime Maps: Including Safety Alerts, so you always have fresh, up-to-date information on your drives with nothing more to pay;
    • Spoken Safety Alerts: Will help you avoid painful fines by telling you of school zones, speed and red light cameras and combined cameras;
    • Fuel Type Search: Forget panicking about looking for the closest petrol station when low on fuel, the EZY350LMT allows you to search via keyword for petrol stations that carry the type of fuel you need, for example unleaded or diesel;
    • Driver Fatigue Warnings: To keep you alert and remind you to stop every two hours;
      • Digital Logbook: So you can keep a record of the kilometres you have been driving – especially handy for learner drivers and at tax time; and
      • Australia and New Zealand maps



About Navman:
Navman, a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of global positioning system (GPS) products, has more than 20 years experience in GPS, and as such is now widely recognised as a pioneer in portable, in-car satellite devices.  Navman began life in New Zealand, specialising in marine electronics and even today software design and development is still undertaken there.  Today the Navman brand is owned by MiTAC International, a leading worldwide maker of wireless communications products
and one of Business Week’s top 100 Global IT companies. For more information, visit or


For further information about Navman please contact:

Michelle Tan, The D’Arcy Partnership
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