Make next year’s tax time easier by getting a Navman now


If you’re facing the tax time trauma of looking through your vehicle’s log book and wondering how you forgot to write down all the entries, there’s a simple solution at hand for next year.  Use your Navman.  Navman’s digital mileage logbook records your trip details and then produces mileage reports, making expense record keeping - and tax time - a breeze.

The logbook is really easy to use. Simply switch on the logbook feature in the settings menu of your Navman. Then each time you enter an address, a prompt appears asking if you want to record the trip.

Once at your computer, you can download the information onto a spreadsheet. The digital logbook keeps a record of the date and time of your journey, the start address, the end destination and the exact distance travelled. Navman can also estimate the average fuel you used for the journey - just type in your car’s average fuel consumption in the spreadsheet and it does the numbers for you.

The good news is that Navman’s logbook comes standard in all Navman GPS models. And of course, if you use your Navman for work, that’s tax deductable too.

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