Love your car and want to get the most out of it? This simple tip may save your life (and the life of others) and save you $$$


How often do you check your tyre pressure? Once a year? Before a long road-trip? Well, we heard something interesting from one of our staff, whose husband works at a luxury car dealership’s aftercare service. The dealership was getting a lot of complaints from customers about the need to replace tyres of these cars far more frequently than they would have expected. The complaints were enough for the supplier of their tyres, to come in to have a chat with this dealership.


What the dealership confirmed to us was that the better the tyre pressure, the longer they will last.  Not only that, they said tyre pressure is critical when it comes to avoiding accidents. If they’re not in good condition, with the right amount of tread and the right pressure, you can find yourself in serious trouble. Your stopping distance is reduced, risking a collision with another car or worse, a child.


They also told us that as vehicle manufacturers continue to improve automotive technology, so too do tyres have to be able to meet a vehicle's performance potential.  This means they assist in taking tighter corners, accelerating smoother and so on.  And for this, the tyres need to be at the right pressure all the time.


The simple truth is most of us aren’t checking our tyres as often as we should –once a year isn’t enough, it should be more like once a month, but we don’t because we forget, we’re lazy or it’s simply too much bother.  Thankfully help is at hand: keep reading!


We know checking tyre pressure can be forgotten or inconvenient, so we’ve introduced a built-in tyre monitoring system with our latest top of the range MiVUE 860 dash cam.  And it’s getting rave reviews from experts who have used it.  Not only does give you up to the minute readings if your tyres need more or less air, it also has front and rear cameras and dash cam technologies with loads of features.  To find out more, click here.

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