How to download, view and share dash cam footage: MiVUE Manager and apps



We’re often asked, what is the best way to view the footage from my dash cam?

While you can view footage on the device itself, most screens are fairly small and if you want to identify details like number plates – a much better option is to download and use MiVUE Manager.

MiVUE Manager is a very simple piece of software that allows you to easily view and download footage recorded on your dash cam’s micro SD-card, and capture critical information like speed, location (GPS coordinates), and the impact (G-force) and direction of impact. Download the software onto your PC or Mac (it takes less than a couple of minutes) and plug in the device (or just the SD-card) and upload the footage. You can fast forward, rewind, pause and capture still images from the footage to use in your insurance claims. 

By default, MiVUE Manager shows the calendar and the file on the right.

  • You can click  on the upper left corner to select the folder that stores the recording files.
  • When a recording file exists, you will see the date marked with a “”. Click on that date to display the files that were recorded on that date.
  • You can choose the file type to display: Event (emergency event recordings); Normal (continuous recordings); or Parking (recording in parking mode). Note: your model may not support all file types.
  • To display all files in the current folder, click All. To return to the calender view, click Calendar.

Double-click the desired file on the file list to start playback. Use the playback controls to play, fast forward, rewind, adjust the volume, play in full screen or see progress through the recording.

During playback you can check more driving information from the dashboard panel and the G sensor chart that are displayed below the playback screen. On the dashboard panel, click  to display the map screen.

            Note: The map screen may not display when the computer is not connected to the internet or when your model does not support the GPS function.
            Note: The G sensor chart disaplys data in 3-axis waveform about the car’s shift forward/backward (X), to the right/left (Y) and upward/downward (Z).


The toolbar allows you to do the following:

  1. Selects the folder that stores the recording files.
  2. Previews and prints the current video image.
  3. Saves the selected files to the specified location on your computer.
  4. Captures and saves the current video image to the specified location on your computer.
  5. Opens the Settings menu.  The Settings items include Change Language, Change Skin, Check for Update (requiring internet access) and About.
  6. Exports the GPS information of the selected file in the KML format to the specified location on your computer.
  7. Uploads the selected file to Facebook or YouTubeTM (user login required).


We also have two apps that allow downloading and sharing of video files to your compatible smartphone via wifi. Do check which model you have, so you download the correct app for you.

Customers with MiVUE 790 WIFI, MiVUE860 DC TYRE and MiVUE Stealth Series models can also use our MiVUE Pro App on their smartphone. This allows you to transfer recorded videos and saved photos from your device to your compatible smartphone, from where you can instantly send via email or upload to your preferred social media sites using EZYSHARE VIA WIFI (which is a function on the app). You can also use this to make a backup of files for extra security or to perform firmware updates, and safety camera alert updates.

You can find more details in the MiVUE Pro App quick start guide here and also set up guide here

And customers with MiVUE 780 and MiVUE 850 Dual Camera models should download the MiVUE App.

You can find and download them all here.

Any questions? Just send us a direct message via Facebook Messenger. We’ll be happy to help.

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