How good are the long weekends!

Nine things the Navman team recommend you do before you head off on the road


We love this time of year. It’s getting warmer, days are longer and there are public holidays across most of Australia and NZ* between now and the end of October and it’s a great time to get away. The team at Navman are all keen drivers, so here are our tips for making sure you have a fun and safe time on the road.


  1. Check your tyres, oil and water before you leave.  Make sure there is fluid in the windscreen washers and that your lights are working.
  2. Plan your trip, make sure you know where you can stop along the way – especially if you have little ones (or older ones) who need more loo breaks or coffees.  It will also make sure you don’t miss any points-of-interest.
  3. Stock up with snacks (they’re calorie-free when eaten in the car!!) and take your own water bottles (it’s cheaper).
  4. Plan some old-fashioned games or sing-alongs for the kids for the times when you’re out of range and their phones no longer work.  It will save you from the inevitable “are we there yet?”
  5. Make sure you do stop and take a break along the way.  Fatigue really does kill and falling asleep at the wheel is not heroic.
  6. Book ahead, book that campsite, motel or hotel room, unless you’re wilderness camping.
  7. Check your Navman to make sure you have latest maps, and update if necessary.
  8. If you’re going off the grid (4WD), make sure you tell someone where you’re going and do take your Navman (unlike your phone it won’t be ‘out of range’), and if you have the DRIVE DUO SUV, it will give you pre-loaded HERE 4WD tracks plus trip highlights including campsites and lookouts.
  9. It may go without saying but … check the weather forecast.  You may need sunblock and wet weather gear.



*sorry NT

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