Have we got some Christmas gift ideas for you!


Want some Christmas inspiration?  No matter which grown up you’re buying for … we’ve got some fantastic ideas for presents for all types of drivers, priced from just $119 AND don’t miss out on our great Christmas cashback offer (gifts for them, cash back for you!)


Learner and P-plate drivers

Using mobile phones for navigation is an absolute “no-no” for many learner and P-plate drivers around Australia (and in fact strongly advised against for all drivers, unless the phone is in a cradle).  Get them a GPS and they’ll not only be more confident about where they’re going andwhat speed they should be going (and therefore safer) they’ll also be able to record their precious mileage in the digital logbook.

Best buy: Navman EZY450LMT GPS, RRP $169


Parents – aka “the kids’ chauffeur”

Weekends can be the busiest time on the roads around our major cities and towns.  Why?  School sports and other kids’ activities keep parents and their children car-bound as they are ferried around from one thing to the next.  Not only can it be difficult to find the sports ground you’re looking for, it can be tricky to know exactly which turn-off to take, let alone where to find petrol, where to park or somewhere to pick up a snack for the little ones.  Navman GPS devices come with the answers.

Best buy: Navman MY690LMMT GPS, RRP $199 


The great adventurers, grey nomads and boaties

If someone you know owns a 4WD, boat or caravan and loves to get away from it all, the Navman Drive Duo SUV is the ultimate gift.  Built specifically for 4WD and larger vehicles, as well as being a top of the range GPS plus dash cam combined, it gives guidance for larger vehicles, 4WD routes, information on camping and rest stops, restaurant guides, petrol and much more.

Best buy: Navman Drive Duo SUV – GPS & dash cam combo, RRP $479

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Overseas travellers

There’s almost nothing worse than wasting precious holiday time driving around in circles trying to find that “once-in-a-lifetime” location.  So if you know someone who is planning an overseas trip, do them a favour and buy them a Navman.  It includes maps from Australia and New Zealand and the ability to rent or buy maps for North America and European maps from as little as $25.

Best Buy: Navman Full Europe or North America Maps rental from $25, purchase from $115


Every driver, whether city or country

You’ll keep them safer, saner and save them money from fines from school zones and speed and safety cameras with a Navman GPS.  Add in a dash cam and you’ll also protect them from fraudulent insurance claims from other drivers. 

Best buys:

 Navman MOVE75 – RRP $119 or

 Navman Drive Duo 2.0 – GPS and dash cam combo, RRP $279

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Give the gift of peace of mind

Being involved in an accident is traumatic enough but these days you need to make sure you have the right evidence to prove it wasn’t your fault. As well as crystal clear footage and details captured (like the direction of impact), Navman’s MiVUE 790 WIFI gives the added security of being able to transfer footage from the camera straight to phone, to be uploaded, saved or shared instantly.

Best buy: Navman MiVUE 790 WIFI dash cam, RRP $249 

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For the person who needs to (or should) keep their eye on everything

This is no stocking stuffer unless your budget is bigger than the average BUT the top-shelf MiVue 860 TYRE dash cam is packed with features to help keep people thoroughly safe, as well as save money from fines, questionable insurance claims if they’ve been in an accident, and maintaining expensive new tyres.  It not only has two pairs of eyes for accidents, with  Full HD front and rear cams, but keeps an eye out for your tyres as well with a built-in tyre pressure monitor that instantly alerts if tyres need air, improving braking speed and avoiding uneven wear.

Best buy: Navman MiVUE 860 DC TYRE dash cam, RRP $449

{Navman Cashback offer available for this product –  get $50 cash back. See www.navmancashback.com.au for more details}


English as a second language?

Navman GPS devices come with verbal guidance in  12 languages including French, Greek, German, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and many more so they are super helpful for anyone who would prefer to hear, for example, “dobla a la derecha”, rather than “turn right”.

Best buy: Navman EZY450LMT GPS, RRP $169


For more details visit www.navman.com.au

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