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Navman MYESCAPE IV Specialty GPS

A GPS can guide you to many places, and now it can also guide you to having more fun. Navman’s new MYESCAPE IV was purpose-built to help you travel. With features like built-in Lonely Planet travel guides, 4WD off-road information, information and specialised guidance for larger vehicles (including those towing caravans or boats) and premium driver alerts to keep you safer on long drives – escaping from the everyday is as simple as hopping into your car and turning on the device.

“The MYESCAPE IV turns your own backyard into a fun-filled adventure waiting to be discovered so you can make the most out of your precious time off. Whether it is a day drive out of the city, a weekend escape or a short getaway, the MYESCAPE IV was designed to provide you with inspiration about where to go and let you know what to do when you get there. You can drive confidently knowing the Navman won’t drop out of range, and you will be guided safely with features created for a long drive, like driver fatigue alerts, merging lane alerts, speed warnings and even fuel search shortcuts. The beauty of this device is that while it has been designed to help you escape, it still provides great information that is useful every day - even when you know where you are going - so you can get the best of both worlds. This includes free live traffic updates and free lifetime monthly map updates for the most current driving information, such as red light and speed cameras updates. And with a massive 6” screen, maps are easier to see so you won’t miss a thing,” said Wendy Hammond, Navman Country Director.

“The MYESCAPE IV is brilliant for exploring Australia and New Zealand, and now you can do the same overseas.  Navman is offering one free international map with every purchase of the MYESCAPE IV before 31 January 2017,” says Wendy.  See here for more details about Navman’s free international map: http://www.navmanstores.com.au/Bonus_International_Maps

These are some of the ways the Navman MYESCAPE IV can help you travel better:

Get off the beaten track

Discover new places in our sunburnt country with thanks to HERE off-road maps, which cover a monstrous 123,300 kilometres of off-road tracks around Australia. The maps feature over 7660 campgrounds, giving 4WD buffs and campers more options for a grander escape.

Specialised guidance for larger vehicles

For those who take their holidays seriously and have a motorhome - or are towing a boat or caravan - the MYESCAPE IV’s large vehicle assist will steer you clear of roads that aren’t suitable for your vehicle’s size and weight. All you need to do is enter your weight and dimensions and the MYESCAPE IV will do the rest.

Keeping you safe on the roads

On long drives, the Navman MYESCAPE IV looks out for you with safety features such as premium driver alerts that warn of any potentially hazardous road changes, such as sharp bends, steep inclines or declines, high wind areas, overtaking lanes or lane merges. On longer trips, the clever MYESCAPE IV’s driver fatigue alert will prompt you to take a break if you have been driving for more than two hours and even recommend places to stop at, such as petrol stations, public restrooms, food outlets or rest areas. And if the unexpected transpires and you experience car troubles, the roadside assist function will locate the nearest mechanic or other roadside assistance and will even provide a phone number to call if your device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The device also features Spoken safety alerts including school zone alerts that are timed to only caution you during school zone operational periods, and Bluetooth hands-free so you can your hands off your phone while driving.

Best insider tips

Don’t know where to go? Find inspiration using the device’s built-in Lonely Planet travel guides. There are plenty of recommendations of tourist attractions, as well as places to stay and eat - it’s like having your own personal digital tour guide.

More places of interest at your finger tips

You’ll never be short on suggestions of where to eat with the Zomato Restaurant Guide built into the device. There are over 40,000 restaurant listings in Australia across 20 cities and 11,800 restaurant listings in New Zealand across 12 cities. Once your tastebuds leads you to your perfect restaurant, let the MYESCAPE IV take you there simply by tapping on your your choice and be directed to it straight away. The Zomato guides are in addition to the 1,033,505 Points of Interest already built into the maps – from restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and other attractions.

Great guidance to make the journey as good as the destination

Sit back and enjoy the drive guided with the best navigation features like landmark guidance plus that uses detailed descriptions of what you are seeing through your windscreen, such as the colours, brand names of buildings and geographical features, so directions are easier to spot and understand. One of the great frustrations getting away can be the traffic on the way out or back in but the MYESCAPE IV’s free lifetime live traffic updates from SUNA can help you avoid this. Other features of the MYESCAPE IV include a fuel type search to help you locate a petrol station that stocks the right petrol for your car (useful for LPG or diesel vehicles), voice destination search, allowing you to search using a voice prompts and AV-In allowing you to connect an optional rear reverse camera.  You will also have verified and validated free monthly map updates with Lifetime Monthly Map Updates - so you always have the most current driving information available to you. This includes new points of interests such as hospitals and sporting venues, as well as updates to safety alerts like school zones and red light cameras, speed cameras as well as new roads, all for free.

The MYESCAPE IV is now available at all major electronics retailers and has a recommended retail price of $399. For more information or a list of stockists visit www.navman.com.au or facebook.com/NavmanANZ.


About Navman:
Navman, a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of global positioning system (GPS) products, has more than 20 years experience in GPS, and as such is now widely recognised as a pioneer in portable, in-car satellite devices.  Navman began life in New Zealand, specialising in marine electronics and even today software design and development is still undertaken there.  Today the Navman brand is owned by MiTAC International, a leading worldwide maker of wireless communications products and one of Business Week’s top 100 Global IT companies. For more information, visit www.navman.com.au or facebook.com/NavmanANZ


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