Fuel prices are their highest since 2015: Navman’s top tips to save on petrol

Make sure your tyre pressure is right Check your tyre pressure fortnightly and ensure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. Also don’t forget to examine your tyres when doing so - check for cracks and cuts in tyres, things such as nails that may have pierced a tyre and uneven tread wear, or simply examine whether the tyre is looking worn out.

Don’t take advantage of the air-con.  We are so lucky to have our cars air-conditioned these days, however, sometimes turning it on becomes a habit and we pump it up even if we really don’t need to. Remember you can simply wind down a window for fresh air on most days. 

Avoid peak hour If possible avoid peak hour and traffic congestion, for example try to head out to work a bit earlier or if you are going somewhere on the weekends, try to leave in the early morning. Not only is it frustrating when you are sitting in traffic, going nowhere, you are wasting fuel.  

Is anything weighing you down?  The heavier your car the more fuel it burns. Try not to leave large or weighty items in or on your car all the time if it’s not necessary, for example sports equipment, tools, strollers or even your roof racks.

It’s in the way you drive.  How you drive can also greatly impact the amount of petrol you are using. Try not to accelerate quickly when you start your car. Also the faster you travel on the road, the more petrol you chew up so stick to the speed limit and don’t speed!  When on a long drive, cruise control helps limit fuel consumption by preventing you from accelerating when you don’t really need to.

Get your car serviced on time.   Ensure you are prompt about getting your car serviced. If your engine is running well, and the car is travelling smoothly then you will use less fuel.

Drive manual cars in the correct gear.  Don’t drive in a lower gear if you don’t need to, and shifting up to the next gear early will help conserve fuel. . 

Also don’t forget many of Navman’s GPS models allow you to choose the type of route you prefer to take, including an economical option that provides guidance for the most fuel efficient route. Our   live traffic feature also helps you dodge those nasty petrol-wasting jams.

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