Don’t let other drivers swipe your excess!

Is there anything more unfair for a driver than this scenario?


You carefully park your car, only to return to find another driver has smashed into the side, clipped the brake light or taken off your bumper bar, and then disappeared without even leaving a note.


You’re left angry, frustrated and out of pocket for $200, $500 or even a thousand dollars, depending on the size of your insurance excess because you have no idea who was responsible. The alternative is you protect your excess, not make an insurance claim and pay for the repair bill yourself.  Either way, you lose.


Every day we park our cars and whether they are in a secure car park or on the road, we trust that other drivers will take the same care and attention around other vehicles that we do. The truth is not all drivers are as honest or as careful as we hope.


The answer is to make sure your vehicle is always protected whether you’re in it or not. In the same way home security cameras are always on, and event recording triggered by motion outside, you can make sure your dash cam protects your car whether it’s parked or being driven.


A good dash camera will provide insurance companies with an enormous amount of information to prove who is at fault, starting with capturing clear footage.  In any claim you need crisp vision to identify number plates, model and colour of other vehicles. Not all dash cams do this, blurry signage is not helpful so make sure it records in at least Full HD1080P. Equally important is information about the precise speed, location and direction of impact which is collected via nifty GPS technology and 3-Axis G-Sensors.


Like a security camera for cars, the dash camera will continuously record what’s going on in front of your vehicle and also behind it, if you fit a rear camera. A rear camera always a good idea if you can afford it when you consider how many accidents are ‘rear enders.’ A good dash cam will also trigger ‘event recording’ when an accident happens, that instantly saves the footage from three seconds prior to the moment of impact so the insurer can see exactly what happened in the lead up


This is all well and good when the engine is on, and dash cam working but what happens in the scenario above when you’ve parked the car and - without a power source - the camera stops recording?


That’s where a Smartbox comes in. It’s a neat little hard wiring kit that connects to your car battery and provides continuous power to support your MiVue™ dash cam in parking mode.  The Smartbox costs just $79. It is recommended to get it fitted by an auto electrician, but easy enough if you know your way around the vehicle motor and electrics.


A great option right now is available from Navman, Australia’s leading dash cam brand which designs and manufactures dash cams in its own factories, including rigorously testing them to Australia and NZ weather conditions. Navman has a great FOCUS450 dash cam which comes with two cameras – front and rear – and a Smartbox (worth $79), for just $199 with free shipping. The FOCUS450 records in Full HD 1080P and optimised day/night recording and a Low Light Sony eXmor™ Sensor and a 3M flexible rotating mount which allows easy 360-degree adjustment to the angle you want to record, thus no more blind spots. It even comes with free monthly updates to safety camera alerts to tell you when fixed speed and red-light cameras are ahead.  Find out more here and use the code FOCUSDEAL at checkout until 31st August 2021.

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