Dash Cam Enemy Number 1, and Here's the Solution


You never know when you’ll need the footage captured on your dash cam, so it’s important it’s always working perfectly.
And the difference between a dash cam working well or not is often simply the type of micro-SD card in the device.
Here are the top five issues we hear from customers:

  • Device randomly stops recording without notice.
  • The recordings are corrupted – they may not be ‘readable’ or they will miss audio or video.
  • Dash cam simply stops working or delivers constant error messages.
  • Connection issues when they have a dual camera.
  • The quality of video is poor.

So, if your dash cam is doing any of these things, first check what type of SD-card you have installed.
All SD cards are not the same.  Using a micro-SD card that is not built to withstand the rigour of continuous dash cam recording will cause you problems and the reliability of your device will be compromised.


Which micro-SD card should you buy?
Navman dash cameras are only compatible with micro-SD cards with a minimum speed of Class 10/UHS 1. We recommend cards from the endurance range as they are specifically designed and built for high intensity recording devices.
To make it easy, we’ve created a widget on our website – click here, enter the model and you’ll get the right recommendations.
If you’re in a store, always ask if the micro-SD card is covered by manufacturer’s warranty before you buy.


What to do after purchasing your microSD card

  • Format the microSD card
    It’s important to format the card via your dash camera prior to use, and ideally once a month to keep it in good shape.
  • Test the microSD card
    Even if you’ve purchased a card that we have tested and recommend, it’s important to do your own testing as manufacturers can change their software compatibility without notice. To do this, pop it into your device and start recording footage. Once you’ve recorded some footage, playback on the device or in MiVUE™ Manager to confirm the card is formatted and working as required.
  • Ongoing microSD card health check
    All microSD cards are a consumable item and will wear out from continuous use over time. Because of this, it is important to check the health of your microSD cards, ideally on a monthly basis, to ensure that the card is still recording. To do this, either in your MiVUE™ device or in the MiVue™ Manager on your desktop, click on playback to view your most current footage. If it looks good, format the microSD card again as this helps prolong its useful life.
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