A motorcyclist’s dream ride


It’s incredible isn’t it, how many car drivers seem to think motorbike riders are born with a sixth sense and the ability to move out of their way in an instant.


Every day, as riders we are always on alert, always looking out for hazards, obstacles and anticipating the behaviour of car, truck, and bus drivers at every moment we’re on the road.

Here’s our top wish-list which we hope you share to enlighten your four-wheeled friends!


  • Drivers, please keep a safe distance – too often we’re tailgated.  Allow 3-4 seconds behind us. As bike riders we often use the gears to slow down, or simply roll off the throttle, rather than using the brakes. We may be slowing down, even if you don’t see brake lights. Give yourself time to stop.
  • Always check for motorbikes and check again, before you change lanes, turn at an intersection, and assume a motorbike is closer than it looks. Our ability to accelerate far exceeds your car (unless you’re an F1 driver!)
  • And while we are more manoeuverable, don’t expect us to be able to dodge out of your way in an instant, especially in wet or hazardous conditions.
  • Where we position our bike within a lane can depend on a number of factors – to make ourselves more visible, to avoid debris, passing vehicles or slippery conditions. We’re not moving around the lane to show off but to keep ourselves safe.
  • Unlike cars and trucks, motorbike indicators don’t usually cancel once they’re turned a corner, and sometimes we forget to turn them off (especially learners or P-platers), so make sure a signal is for real.
  • Remember, there is a person on that bike! It could be your friend, relative or neighbour – we’re not just a piece of machinery. Please look out for us, your vehicle can easily kill or seriously injure, and you can’t take it back.


In the past, when we’ve been in an accident, it has always been the driver’s word against ours which has made insurance claims challenging – there’s an incorrect assumption that motorbike riders are more reckless than car drivers.  That has changed with the introduction of a new dash cam designed and built especially for motorbike and scooter riders. The Mio MiVue™ M760D has been designed, built, and tested by leading quality dash cam brand Navman in its own factories and features waterproof cameras, front and rear that capture detail of your ride in crisp, clear footage in incredible detail, thanks to the Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensor, that can be reviewed on an easy-to-use app on your phone. You have complete control over the footage, you can share, upload, or delete as you need from a remote control on your bike and has WIFI for real-time viewing and back up.


If you ever need it, this dash cam will give you all the ammunition you need to protect yourself: footage of what happened in front and behind your bike at the time of the accident; speed and direction of impact, and of course the exact location.


The dash cam usually retails for $599 but until October 31st 2021, Navman has a special promotion for Australian riders – 20% off plus free postage with promo code M760D20 at checkout – until October 31st 2021.  Visit MiVue™ M760D Rider Camera product page for specifications.

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