• Importance of GPS Map Updates | Navman GPS Australia
  • Roads change. Businesses change. Suburbs change. So the map on your GPS needs to change.

    It is important to update your GPS maps regularly so as your Navman unit gets you to your destination easily and safely.

    Navteq, our GPS map data supplier, physically drive thousands and thousands of kilometres each month and work with local, state and federal authorities to ensure they capture changes to the road network. They travel the country in their specially designed data capture vehicles collecting data that we, Navman, turn into the map you see on all of our GPS units.

    Up to 4 new GPS map updates a year are released. They contain vital information that includes new roads, new suburbs, new overpasses or extensions, new points of interest, new businesses, new safety cameras and any closures or changes to road conditions (blocked roads, one way streets etc). All of this information is important to keep up to date and refreshed, so you get to your destination safe and sound.

    Update your GPS maps today and stay moving in the right direction with Navman and Navteq.

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