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  • We’re pleased to announce that we can now offer a MAC-compatible version of NavDesk for owners of the EZY100T, EZY200, EZY250LM, EZY255LMT, EZY270LMT, MY300LMT, MY350LMT, MOVE55, MOVE60LM, MOVE 30, MOVE 50, MYESCAPE II, MYESCAPE III, MYTRUCK, MYTRUCK II, MY400LMT, MY450LMT, MY600LMT and MIVUE DRIVE LM.

    Here is a full list of the current features available:

    • My Maps: Install or remove your Australia or New Zealand map
    • My Subscription/purchases: such as 4WD tracks, Lonely Planet & Travel Guides, safety camera subscriptions etc.
    • Maps/Downloads: Install international maps, safety camera subscriptions and travel guides. Purchased from our online store.
    • Custom POI: Create a custom Point of Interest and install it to your Navman
    • Change Language: Change the language on your Navman car GPS device
    • Recovery keys: Allows you to recover all activation keys for your Navman if a problem occurs during operation
    • Navman Online: Access the Navman store and register your product
    • Redeem: Activate lifetime map keys

    Click below to download the installation file and click here for full installation instructions

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