Not just the destination but the journey that counts, so Navman makes safer driving EZY



Affordable and user friendly models packed with premium features  



Don’t let its seemingly simple design fool you. The new Navman EZY sat navs come loaded with the latest GPS technology to give you the best information to help you stay safer on the roads. Packed with features yet designed to be used with ease, the Navman EZY15 and EZY45 offer sophisticated guidance features usually found with a much higher price tag.

“Still extremely simple to use, this year we’ve packed even more features into the Navman EZY range. Advanced safety features will help drivers keep safer every minute in the car. Users get more value for money because even when they know how to get to a destination, using the EZY devices when “free driving” will warn them about upcoming safety cameras, school zones and if they are over the speed limit. The EZY45 also comes with a Driver Fatigue alert for additional help while driving long distances,” said Wendy Hammond, marketing director, Navman Australia and New Zealand.

“For those for whom English is a second language, including Cantonese and Mandarin speakers, both EZY models can give clear directions in other languages. The EZY range’s uncomplicated layout makes it perfect for people who like technology to be straightforward to use, such as first time GPS users and young drivers.  The logbook function on the EZY45 is a handy feature to help new drivers easily keep track of the distances they drove.”

The Navman EZY15 sports a compact 3.5 inch screen while the EZY45 has a larger 4.3 inch screen. Both models feature the EZY range’s signature simplified main menu and layout. With larger and fewer symbols, the design makes it easier for users to find and enter information.  

The Navman EZY range comes with some premium safety features such as Landmark Guidance, Safety Alerts, Speed Limit signs and alerts, Tunnel Assist and 3D Junction Views. Navman’s Landmark Guidance also gives easy to understand voice guidance by using easily identifiable objects in the driver’s actual environment to convey instructions, such as “turn right at the petrol station”. Safety Alerts give audible and visual warnings about any speed or red-light cameras, accident black spots, railway crossings or school zones during operational hours. The devices also show the speed limit and will sound a warning if the given speed limit is exceeded. The EZY45 has a Driver Fatigue Alert which flashes a warning if the driver has been driving continuously for more than two hours.

The Navman EZY range is priced very attractively and is one of the best value-for-money sat nav devices in the market. Even with its affordable price tag, users still get high quality and easy navigation guidance.  

The Navman EZY sat navs come loaded with over 640,000 points of interest from places to eat to the location of ATMs.

Other features include:

  • A Logbook feature to record your trip and mileage driven;
  • Spoken street names in Mandarin and other languages for users for whom English is a second language;
  • Using historical traffic information from SUNA Predictive, Smart Route gives the best route to your destination at any particular day and time, helping you avoid traffic congestion;
  • SmartFind keyword that allows you to search for an address as you would on an online  search engine;
  • QuickSpell keyboard search that highlights the most likely letters you will need on your keyboard to complete the address
  • Spoken street names; 
  • 3D junction views and extended lane information for extra guidance; and  
  • Live traffic updates and overseas maps can also be added.

The Navman EZY range is available at all major retailers.

Recommended retail prices:

EZY15    RRP$129

EZY45    RRP$159

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