Navman boosts safety camera update frequency



Mike Bantik has written an article on Navman's new safety camera updates


 Drivers can keep closer tabs on speed and red light cameras with a new subscription service from Navman.  

Alerting drivers to the location of safety cameras is one of the handier features of modern satellite navigation systems — and it's even more informative with map data updated faster than before.

New cameras are constantly being erected, and speed cameras in particular are moved around the roadways. Satellite navigation units rely on map updates and data uploaded by owners. Navman has decided to try and improve on the accuracy and update frequency of this data. If you own a Navman model (specifically the Navman MY-Series, EZY-Series, S-Series, Platinum and C-Series models) you can now have your premium safety camera information refreshed on a regular basis. These updates are powered by NAVTEQ and are now available to purchase on the Navman website.

“Information is renewed every month on the website to ensure users have access to the most up to date information. The updates include speed and red light cameras, school zones, accident black spots, railway crossings and town entry points, and link in with the NAVTEQ map data on Navman GPS,” said Wendy Hammond Navman Marketing Manager Australia.

“Having the most current safety camera information ensures that drivers are taking extra precautions to keep pedestrians - particularly school children safe. You may even avoid receiving a nasty speeding ticket as a result of a recently placed speed camera.

“It’s really up to the user how often they would like to keep their model updated but we recommend it’s best to take extra care and especially look into it if you have had a model for a couple of years,”  she said.

Visit the Navman website to download a single safety camera update or a one or two year subscription, which will renew your Navman safety camera information on a monthly basis. You’ll know when the next monthly update is available when you open up Navdesk on your computer.

Single download: $25.00
Two year subscription: $49.00
Two year subscription: $69.00


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