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    For the speciality Large Vehicle drivers

    The Navman MY Truck is pre-loaded with information about road restrictions that apply to not only large vehicles but also B-doubles and HAZMAT vehicles. With a large 7” screen, Navman’s specialist Truck GPS device guides truck drivers not only by planning routes, but is also packed with relevant information that truck drivers need, such as petrol stations and rest stops. The Navman My Truck II GPS system will calculate the best route by avoiding roads that the vehicle cannot travel on, such as where there are height, width, length, weight, load, large vehicle and hazardous material restrictions. A multi-stop trip planning function on the Navman MY Truck II will also calculate the most efficient route to get to multiple destinations. 

    Spending so much time on the roads puts truck drivers more at risk than most drivers, so Navman’s Spoken Safety Alerts will warn them about red light, speed and combined safety cameras ahead, as well as timed operational school zones and black spot areas. Premium Driver Alerts will flag potentially hazardous situations, such as a sharp bend ahead, steep inclines or declines, overtaking lanes, narrow roads, and roads that are dangerous in icy or wet weather conditions.

    And if you are driving long distances, the Navman MY Truck II GPS has a Driver Fatigue Alert feature that not only warns when they’ve been traveling continuously for two hours, but also suggests the nearest rest options like petrol stations. The unit also contains the Australian Good Food Guide and Lonely Planet Travel Guide, so finding a place to eat or stay is only a few touches of a button away.

    To avoid frustrating traffic delays, the Navman MY Truck II also comes with free lifetime Live Traffic from SUNA, which offers updated traffic information approximately every 30 seconds, incorporated into the estimated time of arrival. Best of all, the Navman MY Truck II GPS unit comes with Monthly Map Updates for the lifetime of the unit, so Navman users can get up-to-date maps with the latest information including updates to red light, safety and combined cameras.