• EZY40 Overview Image

    Simple Smart™ Find keyword searches via a user-friendly menu help you find what you’re looking for faster, while Premium Safety and Speed Limit Alerts keep you out of trouble and help you avoid fines.

    Clear turn-by-turn voice guidance will get you to your destination with ease, enhanced by Landmark Guidance using your actual surroundings to make navigation clearer, as well as 3D Junction Views and Advanced Lane Guidance to help avoid last minute surprises. 

    With shortcut buttons to help you find the nearest petrol or parking station, ATM and Emergency Services, as well as over 600,000 Points of Interest built-in so you can easily find restaurants, businesses, parks, shops and so much more, it won’t just make your drives a breeze – it’ll simplify your life!

    The EZY40 comes complete with in-car charger, winsdscreen mount and NavDesk Software DVD, so you can use your EZY40 straight from the box.

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