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    Navman MY GPS Series

    Reliable GPS navigation & world class features

    Navman’s latest MY Series car GPS systems give you solid and reliable navigation with features that are designed to make you a more confident driver, keeping you and your passengers safe and on time. When you purchase a Navman MY Series car GPS system, you can rest assured that every feature has been designed with your everyday driving habits in mind.

    Landmark Guidance Plus gives you instructions based on what you see out of your windscreen, Spoken Safety Alerts helps you avoid fines, Live Traffic Updates keeps you informed so you can avoid traffic incidents and snarls, while Bluetooth Hands-Free ensures you keep your hands on the wheel. The MY450LMT car GPS system comes with the world-first feature of Rapid Map Refresh, giving you monthly GPS map updates for the life of the product, so your maps will be the freshest maps on the market, giving you total piece of mind.

  • MY400LMT

    Car Navigation Unit | MY400LMT | Navman GPS Australia | List Image

    Bodyguard and tour-guide in one

    With the “unique-to-Navman” Landmark Guidance Plus, GPS car navigation has never been simpler to understand, taking buildings and landmarks and other reference points into account when delivering you remarkably easy-to-follow directions. The MY400LMT car navigation GPS unit also includes Speed and Red Light Cameras, Voice Destination Entry and Trip Select to choose the fastest, shortest, easiest or most economical route. Bluetooth® connectivity, Advanced Lane Guidance and 3D Junction Views all add to the value, while Lifetime Maps will keep you covered with up to 4 updates a year.


    Car Navigation Unit | MY450LMT | Navman GPS Australia | List Image

    The best journey starts here

    For the very best that GPS has to offer, you cannot go past the MY450LMT. With a world first feature - Rapid Map Refresh, this amazing car navigation system gives you full and verified monthly map updates for the life of your unit at no additional cost. Coupled with Landmark Guidance Plus, Live Traffic Updates, Bluetooth Voice Destination Entry and Spoken Safety Alerts, the MY450LMT in-car GPS device gives you the most superior guidance and safety features of any GPS in the market.