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    Get to where you're going faster with our EZY-Series GPS navigators. The EZY-Series has easy to use menu structures and superior safety and guidance features in both a 5 inch or 7 inch screen.
    You will get a much better experience with the EZY-Series than you would ever get with your Smartphone and with the added features of Spoken Safety Alerts, Live Traffic Updates and Bluetooth Handsfree, the EZY Series is solid step up from our MOVE range. You do not need to compromise on quality with the EZY Series of GPS navigators. They are packed full of additional features, but come at a very reasonable price.

    Spoken Safety Alerts gives you vocal warnings of Speed and Red Light Cameras, Combined Cameras and School Zones. Live Traffic Updates keep you on the move with up to date and reliable traffic delay, accidents and road work alerts on your nav screen. Bluetooth Handsfree turns your EZY Series in to a hands-free car kit, keeping eyes on the road.

    The EZY Series gives you more safety and guidance features, with an easy to use menu at a value for money price.

  • EZY260LMT

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    More features for less

    If you are looking for a GPS that is easy to use but don’t want to miss out on some of the added features a GPS can provide, the EZY260LMT is a solid choice. Easy to use menu structure with the added value of Lifetime Free Maps and features that are designed to keep you safe. 3D Junction Views, Spoken Safety Alerts including School Zones, Red Light and Speed Cameras and Landmark Guidance using churches, petrol stations and stop signs to guide you mean you can have the best of both worlds.


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    Don’t miss a thing

    The EZY270LMT GPS offers all the great features of the EZY260LMT like Live Traffic Updates and Bluetooth Handsfree, but delivers the experience on a larger 7” screen. Great for those who like bigger screens, bigger buttons or have a large car that requires a larger sat nav experience. With Lifetime Maps Built in, including updates to safety camera alerts, the EZY270LMT will ensure you never miss a thing while on the road