• Navman Car GPS Navigator - EZY Series Banner Image 

    Get to where you're going faster with our easy-to-use new EZY-Series GPS navigator. The EZY-Series has clear voice guidance to keep your eyes on the road at all times, plus intelligent new features to ensure a smoother, safer ride every time you're driving. Using historical traffic information, the EZY-Series even knows the best roads to take depending on the time of day and day of the week.

    Best of all, the EZY-Series GPS really lives up to its name, thanks to simple keyword searches and real Points of Interest when you need them most - all via a new, user-friendly menu that makes navigation and finding whatever you're looking for easier than ever before.

  • EZY100T

    Navman Car GPS Navigator - EZY100T - List Image

    Take it nice and EZY

    Compact and easy to use, the EZY100T is the perfect GPS for first-time drivers or regular roadrunners. Clearly spoken voice guidance helps you every step of the way. Live Traffic Updates alert you to congestion so you can re-route if necessary, while Premium Safety Alerts make red-light cameras and speed cameras one less worry on the road.


    Navman Car GPS Navigator - EZY200 - List Image

    Take it nice and EZY

    A large 5” screen makes every journey easier with the EZY200 GPS system. Bluetooth® connectivity means no more fumbling for the phone, while Landmark Guidance, Premium Safety Alerts and the user-friendly menu all come standard, to help you arrive fresh and relaxed. 


    Navman Car GPS Navigator - EZY270LMT - List Image

    Don’t miss a thing

    The new EZY270LMT GPS offers all the great features of the EZY255 like Live Traffic Updates and Bluetooth Handsfree, but delivers the experience on a larger 7” screen. Great for those who like bigger screens, bigger buttons or have a large car that requires a larger sat nav experience. With Lifetime Maps Built in, including updates to safety camera alerts, the EZY270 will ensure you never miss a thing while on the road