• The MY Escape makes driving a large vehicle, towing a trailer or boat or driving a 4WD easier and safer with unique features designed for larger vehicles.

    Designed for drivers of Light Commercial Vehicles under 9 tonne, those towing a boat or caravan, Four Wheel Drivers, those driving motorhomes or towing a trailer, the Navman MY Escape GPS device features Large Vehicle Assist ensuring you avoid roads that are not suitable for your vehicle size or weight. The built-in Hema 4WD Tracks takes you off road, camping or adventuring with just one GPS device whilst Lonely Planet Travel Guides and Scenic Routes works as your local travel guide while on holidays. You can even use your MY Escape in New Zealand with NZ Tourist Maps preloaded. With a dust and vibration proof 5” screen and long arm windscreen mount to keep your unit secure no matter what the conditions, Premium Driver Alerts, Voice Destination Entry, Bluetooth Connectivity, Live Traffic Updates and an AV-IN socket to plug in a reversing camera, the MY Escape GPS device is the perfect travel companion and Navman’s best GPS device for safety and adventure.

    And for total piece of mind, the MY Escape comes with 2 years FREE maps and 2 years warranty. This means you get FREE map updates (up to 8 updates in a 24 month period) at NO EXTRA COST.

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