• Feeling safe and in control is essential when you get behind the wheel and the Navman 400LMT car navigation GPS, with its superior guidance and advanced safety features, will ensure you have a smooth ride.

    With the “unique-to-Navman” Landmark Guidance Plus, GPS car navigation has never been simpler to understand, taking buildings and landmarks and other reference points into account when delivering you remarkably easy-to-follow directions. The MY400LMT car navigation GPS unit also includes Speed and Red Light Cameras and Trip Select to choose the fastest, shortest, easiest or most economical route.

    Navman also encourages you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, which is why the MY400LMT in-car car navigation device comes with Bluetooth Hands-free and Voice Destination Entry. To stay informed of traffic delays or accidents, the Live Traffic Updates in your car navigation GPS unit will ensure you know what’s ahead so you can stay on the move and on time. Finally, stay up-to-date with Lifetime Maps Built-in, keeping you covered with up to 4 map updates per year.

    Click here to see the MY450LMT car GPS unit                      View Lifetime Maps Terms and Conditions

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