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    Navman - Car GPS Devices - Smart GPS As a leader in navigation for almost 20 years, Navman understands the changing world we live in. The new SmartGPS is all about convenience and ease. It’s about using the right device at the right time. A smartphone, computer or tablet for the search and an in car GPS for the guidance and safety. Truly the best of all worlds!

    The Navman SmartGPS not only harnesses the power of your smartphone to give you the most up to date, live information that is relevant to your location, but can also work independently, navigating you through your day.

    Search for addresses, read reviews or locate businesses conveniently on your computer, tablet or smartphone and send the address to your SmartGPS wirelessly. In your car the SmartGPS gives you access to relevant info, combining multiple apps including mobile speed camera alerts, petrol prices, Yelp (AU) or Menumania (NZ) and Foursquaredeals and reviews,live traffic and weather, onto theone GPS screen.

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    Navman - Car GPS Devices - MY600LMT The MY600LMT car navigation system not only has a big 5” screen, but has some of the best GPS features of any sat nav in the market including the world-first Rapid Map Refresh – which is lifetime monthly map updates including safety cameras that are verified at no extra cost to you.

    With Landmark Guidance Plus, this very clever GPS car navigation unit views the world the way you do through your windscreen and gives you directions based on what you can see, like colours or names of buildings. For example: “At the end of the road, turn left after the Toyota dealership into Smith St”.

    Combined with features like Spoken Safety Alerts for Speed and Red Light Cameras and School Zones, Premium Driver Alerts for things like merging lanes and hairpin bends and Speed Limit Alerts, you will always know what is ahead and can drive with more confidence with your Navman. Live Traffic Updates ensure you avoid busy roads or incidents as well.

    As your safety is a big priority, the MY600LMT car navigation GPS device comes with Bluetooth Hands-free and Voice Destination Entry so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road and avoid fines in the process.

    With more features than any comparable GPS in the market and Monthly Map Updates, the Navman 600LMT car navigation system will ensure you get to your final destination stress free.

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    Navman - Car GPS Devices - EZY255LMT There is no need to compromise on quality or features with the EZY255LMT which is packed full of features that improve your driving experience but won’t hurt your hip pocket.

    With a large 5 inch screen the EZY255LMT is easy to use and gives you features like Lifetime Maps Built in, including safety camera updates, Live Traffic Updates, Bluetooth Hands-free, Premium Safety Alerts and Speed Limit Alerts giving you not only the very best in navigation but also keeping you safer on the road.

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    Navman - Car GPS Devices - EZY270LMT Navman have finally released a GPS packed full of features, but with a larger 7” screen.
    The EZY270LMT delivers all the features you expect from a trusted Navman GPS including Lifetime Free Maps, Live Traffic Updates, Bluetooth Hands-free, Premium Safety Alerts, but allows you to view the navigation on a large 7 inch screen. Great for those who drive a 4WD, commercial or larger vehicle or who like the convenience of a larger screen.

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    Best car GPS systems - MOVE50 A large 5 inch screen and packed full of features, the Move 50 is the perfect GPS unit for those who like their navigation on a large easy to view screen.

    You don’t need to compromise on quality or features with the Move 50 which will deliver core navigation features like Spoken Street Names, Advanced Lane Guidance, Landmark Guidance and Speed Limit Alerts. Smart Find Keyword searches help you find your destination easy and Smart Route ensures you avoid notoriously busy routes.

    Premium Safety alerts including timed School Zone warnings ensure you avoid fines. Move your own way with the Move 50 navigation device, without breaking the budget.

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    Best car GPS systems - MOVE30 With a large 4.3 inch screen and easy-to-use menu, the Move 30 is the perfect GPS system for those who want solid navigation at an affordable price.

    The Move 30 safety and guidance features ensure you stay on the move and arrive at your destination stress free. A value-for-money price does not mean you need to compromise on features and the Move 30 delivers more features than comparable GPS systems in the market.

    Premium Safety Alerts warn you of Speed and Red Light Cameras and School Zones to help you avoid fines and the Speed Limit Alerts tell you of the posted speed limit on the road you are travelling. Landmark Guidance uses Schools, Churches, Petrol Stations and Traffic lights to guide you and the Smart Route feature uses historical traffic to help you avoid busy roads during certain times of the day.

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    Navman - Car GPS Devices - MYESCAPE III The MY Escape III car GPS device makes driving a large vehicle, towing a trailer or boat or driving a 4WD easier and safer with unique features designed for larger vehicles. Includes Rapid Map Refresh Lifetime Monthly Map Updates.

    With a large 7 Inch screen, the MY Escape III is designed for 4WDs, those towing a boat or caravan, driving motorhomes or towing a trailer. The Navman MY Escape III GPS comes with superior safety features like Large Vehicle Assist ensuring you avoid roads, bridges or tunnels that are not suitable for your vehicle size or weight.

    The built-in HERE Off Road tracks takes you off road, camping or adventuring with just one GPS navigation device whilst the Australian Good Food Guide and Lonely Planet Travel Guides works as your local travel guide while on holidays. You can even use your MY Escape III GPS unit in New Zealand with NZ Maps preloaded.

    The MY Escape III packs in our best GPS features. Landmark Guidance Plus takes navigation to the next level by using colours of buildings, landmarks, names of buildings or businesses to guide you and Premium Driver Alerts warn you of upcoming overtaking lanes, inclines, high wind areas and other important road condition information so you are prepared for what is ahead. With information at your fingertips like the closest petrol station, food outlet, café, ATM or hotel and other features like Voice Destination Entry, Bluetooth Connectivity, Live Traffic Updates and an AV-IN socket to plug in a reversing camera ensure the MY Escape III GPS navigator is the perfect travel companion and Navman’s best GPS for both safety and adventure.

    And for total piece of mind, the MY Escape III comes with Rapid Map Refresh Lifetime monthly map updates for FREE including Safety Camera updates at NO EXTRA COST. So your car GPS will stay up to date for years of travel and discovery.

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