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    Better than an Eyewitness


    High Definition Dashcams with superior evidence gathering features 


    Drivers and their insurance companies are looking for high quality footage to verify incidents, which is why our range of dash cams is now even more comprehensive. The quality of footage can be critical when it comes to car insurance matters. Insurers need to see exactly what happened and a poor camera can really affect the picture, especially at night or in bad weather conditions like fog or rain, so it is important to choose a dash cam with a quality glass lens and other features like Parking Mode, Continuous Recording and HDMI output. The MiVUE series has the ability to clearly and accurately record every aspect of what happens on the road so you can provide reliable, clear hard evidence, making it your witness.

    The latest MiVUE models have taken a big leap forward with exciting new innovations like Front Collison Alerts and Dual Cameras that will record what is happening in front and behind your car. It also includes a number of safety features you can find in our GPS units - such as speed limit information and safety camera alerts.

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  • MiVUE630

    Navman Car GPS Navigator - DDR Series - MiVUE630- List Image

    Better protection and great value

    The entry model dashcam reliably captures accidents with 1080p High Definition camera, G-shock sensor to record the direction and speed of impact, and GPS Tracker to lock in the coordinates of exactly where an incident occurred.


    Navman Car GPS Navigator - DDR Series - MiVUE660 - List Image

    Safe and save

    Along with all the features that come standard in the MiVUE range, the MiVUE660 dashcam also features a MicroSD card support, Headlights and Driver Fatigue Alerts, F2.0 bright glass lens, wide 2.7 inch screen, Capture button and a rotating 360 design.


    Navman Car GPS Navigator - DDR Series - MiVUE680 - List Image

    Safety to the extreme

    The MiVUE680 dashcam has all the features of the MiVUE660 plus Navman’s highest quality video recording feature, 2K High Definition 1296p. Ultra-clear dashcam footage will provide better evidence for  car insurance claims if you are involved in an accident.


    Navman Car GPS Navigator - DDR Series - MiVUE690 - List Image

    More protection from bad driving

    MiVUE690 SAFE helps keep you and your dashcam footage safe, with a 2K High Definition 1296p camera and a dual SD card slot, along with ADAS safety features that look out for you like Lane Departure, Front Collision and Front Departure alerts.


    Navman Car GPS Navigator - DDR Series - MiVUE698 - List Image

    Has your back, and front

    This exceptional device is the only MiVUE dash cam that has dual cameras to capture High quality video footage of what’s in front and behind your car at the same time.  It also includes all the top notch features found throughout the MiVUE range.