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  • Convenient

    Navman understands the changing world we live in. So we have developed a new SmartGPS which is all about convenience and ease. It’s about using the right device at the right time. A smartphone, computer or tablet for the search and an in car GPS for the guidance and safety.

    Navman Car GPS Navigator - Smart GPS - Convenient
  • Navman Car GPS Navigator - Smart GPS - Complete Navigation

    Complete Navigation

    The Navman SmartGPS not only harnesses the power of your smartphone to give you the most up to date, live information that is relevant to your location, but can also work independently, navigating you through your day. Search for addresses, read reviews or locate businesses conveniently on your computer, tablet or smartphone and send the address to your SmartGPS wirelessly.

  • Live Data

    In your car the SmartGPS gives you access to relevant info, combining multiple apps including mobile speed camera alerts, petrol prices, Yelp deals and reviews, live traffic and weather, onto the one GPS screen.

    Navman Car GPS Navigator - Smart GPS - Live Data
  • Navman Car GPS Navigator - Smart GPS - Customisable


    The Navman SmartGPS is totally customisable, allowing you to personalise the experience and view information that is important to you. The SmartGPS works with a free companion app for your smartphone or tablet that allows you to search and send to your SmartGPS as well as use on foot to your final destination.

  • User Guide

    Navman SmartGPS introduces a new era in GPS. Embracing all your devices and giving you the best experience in search, up to date information, guidance and safety. Click here to download the Smart GPS user guide for more information.

    Navman Car GPS Navigator - Smart GPS - User Guide
  • Navman Car GPS Navigator - Smart GPS - How to

    How to Videos

    Learn how to get the most out of your Navman Smart GPS. These tutorial videos will guide through some of the great built-in and optional features packed into your Smart GPS. Learn How to Enter An Address, How to View Traffic Updates and Re-route, How to setup WiFi Sync and much more.