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    With its compact size and 3.5” screen, you might think the MY30 also has limited capabilities.Think Again. This intelligent little travel companion is proof that good things come in small packages.

    Clear, detailed voice guidance informs you of more than just street names and turns. You’ll hear easy-to-understand instructions including distance to your turn and location information such as “In 100 meters at the traffic lights, turn left into Smith Street”. Premium Safety Alerts also help keep you on track while you drive, with information about Speed and Red Light Cameras, School Zones, Accident Prone Black spots and Railway Crossings. Voice guidance is supported by clear visual imagery, including helpful 3D Junction Views for improved clarity at busy intersections and easy navigation through them.

    With up to 600,000 Points of Interest built-in as well as a range of handy features, you’ll always find whatever you’re looking for with ease.

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