• Every time you drive, the MY80T is there to help you stay out of trouble, reminding you of School Zones, Speed limits for the road your travelling on and Speed and Red light cameras.

    The MY80T car GPS unit is packed full of practical features , including Landmark guidance using your surroundings to guide you , and 3D Junction Views and advanced lane guidance to ensure easy navigation through confusing city streets, busy intersections and off ramps on highways.

    Bluetooth™ connectivity enables you to use your GPS as a hands free device for your phone, allowing you to answer and make calls. You can also connect through to True local to search from millions of businesses and be seamlessly guided to the one of your choice.

    Enjoy clear turn-by-turn guidance with the MY80T, Live Traffic Updates delivering verified alerts of traffic snarls or incidents that may be on your route with no ongoing hidden costs and Smart Route™ guidance based on the time of day to help you reach your destination without a hitch.

    The MY80T car GPS device comes complete with in-car charger, windscreen mount, USB cable and NavDesk Software DVD, so you can use your MY80T straight from the box.

    The MY series has no hidden costs. Click here to find out more        

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    Click here to buy the latest Australian and international maps for this car GPS device

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